11th Class Art And Culture NCERT

11th Class Art And Culture NCERT
“Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics.” – Victor Pinchuk.

The saying is undeniable as learning about art and culture brings out a new vision and potential out of people. They say that Art does not solve any problems, but actually they do; and they do it better than any politician.

Why? Because it gives strength to the words, power to the action, and a voice to the expression.

11th class Art and Culture NCERT is a career side for all the 10th pass-outs who have a creative eye, vivid imagination, and a burning passion for bringing out change in the society with bearing the sensitivity and awareness about the current society.

If you are someone who would like to grow your wings in the vivid, creative side of the world, we have the resources for you to begin learning.

Syllabus Of Class 11 Arts NCERT

10th grade is over and now we enter a new world. This is the time when we start picking out the branch of education that we want to flourish further in.

If you are someone who has made a wonderful decision of making a career in Arts or addressing the cultural beauty or issue, you must definitely check out the syllabus before you begin.

Going through the syllabus is really important as it’ll help you build your mind-set and plan your study sessions.

Find syllabus of class 11 Arts NCERT here.

Class 11 History NCERT Pdf

History is one of the interesting subjects in the stream of Art and Culture. Art has been the backbone of expression which has shaped the history of humans right from the beginning.

But learning about the history of the world is also super important because it answers the questions like how did human societies evolve? Why is the current society the way it is right now? How do the past events govern the situation in the present? And a lot more.

With the digital era advancing we all prefer carrying textbooks on our phones or laptops right? Find the official History text book for 11th class Art and Culture NCERT here.

Class 11 NCERT Geography Pdf

Class 11 NCERT Geography pdf

Geography consists of many different and important aspects. The continents didn’t always look the way they look like right now. Rather they are very slowly changing their face even now.

Study of geography can explain how humans and other organisms evolved overtime with different geographies. It can help in understanding the changing composition of Earth at every small distance. It helps to know which trees grow better in which area and so on!

Find class 11 NCERT geography pdf here.

Class 11 Sociology NCERT Pdf

Class 11 Sociology NCERT pdf

Sociology is the study of human societies, how they interact, how they are preserved or how they change, etc. It is an important part of studying a specific culture or the world culture.

Find Class 11 Sociology NCERT pdf for introducing sociology and Understanding society here.

11th Class NCERT Political Science

11th Class NCERT Political Science

Political Science is the study of allocation and transfer of power in decision making, role and system of governance in different governments and international organizations, theory and practice of government and politics at local, state, national, and international level etc.

Studying this subject is very important to bring out the required reforms and reinforcements in future governments which are beneficial for the society.

Find 11th class NCERT political Science textbook of political theory and Indian Constitution at Work here and here.

Class 11 NCERT Psychology

Class 11 NCERT Psychology

Psychology is the study of mind and human behavior. It is a multi-sided subject which includes many sub-areas of study such as, child, sports, health, clinical psychologies, social behavior and cognitive process.

Psychology is an interesting field which studies the different complexities of human mind. A wonderful option to do your career in.

11th class Art and Culture NCERT has designed at beautiful curriculum to get the students started with Psychology. Find class 11 NCERT Psychology textbook here.

Class 11 NCERT Fine Arts

Class 11 NCERT Fine Arts

Fine arts is the study of arts developed for aesthetics and beauty. It includes the field such as beautiful paintings, art, music, poetry, sculpture, architecture, and performing arts such as dance and theatre.

Fine arts is the way of finding ourselves––who we really are, and different perspectives of our own. 11th class Art and Culture NCERT has designed a well-planned curriculum to help students bring out their unique creative side.

Find the textbook for Class 11 NCERT Fine Arts here.

Class 11 NCERT Hindi

Class 11 NCERT Hindi

Hindi is the national language of India. Hindi is a direct descendant of Sanskrit through Prakrit and Apabhramsha. A beautiful, soulful language that will get one quite immersed into its literature and usage if learnt well.

11th class Art and Culture NCERT curriculum has been well designed to teach students intricacies and details of the Hindi grammar and help them fall in love with Hindi language and its literature.

Here are class 11 NCERT Hindi textbooks of Aroh, Antra, Vitan, and Antral.

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