NCERT Commerce Class 11

NCERT Commerce Class 11
Commerce is all but a big game of crunching numbers. It is field opening gates to many exciting careers ahead but it all comes down to crunching numbers in the end.

Starting with the right career stream after finishing your 10th grade is extremely important. Class 11th and 12th are the important turntables of life in a way because they will give a direction to your career path. Thus, choosing a perfect stream according to your interest in 11th grade is absolutely important.

The stream of Commerce has Business studies, Accountancy and English as Compulsory subjects. The students can choose the remaining two other subjects as per his/her interest or with whatever his/her college has to offer. The optional subjects include Math, entrepreneurship, Law, Economics, etc.

If you are someone who likes to play with numbers and would like to start a career in commerce after you have finished your high school; here is your guide to finding required textbooks of NCERT Commerce Class 11.

Business Studies Class 11 NCERT Pdf

Business Studies class 11 NCERT pdf

Business studies in class 11 is the course that introduces students to the world of business. NCERT Commerce class 11 has designed a curriculum for students that teaches them to analyse, manage, evaluate, and respond to the changes in business trends.

Business studies is one of the compulsory subjects that a commerce student will learn in class 11. Find the textbook of Business Studies class 11 NCERT pdf here.

Class 11 Economics NCERT Pdf

Class 11 Economics NCERT pdf

Economics is the social science concerned with production, distribution and consumption of wealth and goods. It is one of the elective subjects that a student can choose in class 11.

NCERT commerce class 11 has well designed a curriculum for class 11 economics that teaches students about the reality of the current economics of the country, basic statistical tools to analyse broader economic realities, etc. Basically, a good foundation is laid to develop young economists from bottom to top.

Find class 11 Economics NCERT Pdf textbooks here and here.

Accountancy Class 11 NCERT Pdf

Accountancy Class 11 NCERT pdf

Accountancy is the skill to record, classify, and report business transactions for any business. Every penny is important in business and accountancy is making sure no penny is lost in the transactions.

Accountancy is one of the compulsory subjects for the commerce stream. NCERT Commerce class 11 has designed curriculum for accountancy such that emphasis is put upon accountancy as an information system. Students are also familiarized with basic calculations of Goods and Service Tax (GST) in recording business transactions.

Find the Accountancy class 11 NCERT pdf textbook for Accountancy part-I and Accountancy Part-II here and here.

Class 11 Commerce Maths NCERT Book Pdf

We look at commerce in the view of the knowledge for business building and expansion. But where there is commerce and where there is business, finances, money flow, and technology come along by default. Thus, taking Maths as an elective in your commerce course can be very beneficial.

Find class 11 Commerce Maths NCERT book pdf here.

Class 11 Commerce English Book NCERT

English is the Global language. And a businessman, economist, or basically anyone must know how to speak English and also write it fluently. This would help to contact and converse with people easily worldwide.

Keeping this fact in the view, English is one of the compulsory subjects that a commerce student learns in his/her higher secondary education.

Find Class 11 Commerce English Book NCERT here.

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