NPTEL Courses 2020

NPTEL Courses 2020

An idea of publishing the lectures of top colleges in India for public access made the initiative to bloom amazingly, nptel online courses are founded by 7 IIT’s and IISC Bangalore with the support of MHRD(Ministry of Human Resource and Development). Nptel courses 2020 announced to come up with some new courses for the learners in the upcoming batches. The online registrations are open for the July-December batch.
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Nptel courses 2020 consists of varieties of new courses the enrollment procedures are very easy and free of cost for any of those who wish to gain knowledge.

  • Enrollment to Courses is FREE.
  • Enrollment to courses and exam registration can be done in ONLINE mode only.
  • The link is available on NPTEL website.
  • One may enroll in as many courses as they want to.
  • Check Now - Nptel Courses List 2020


Nptel online courses list carries about 935 different, with around 502 video courses and 433 web courses. In addition, the announcement of introducing 417 nptel new courses has been published on the nptel courses 2020 website. These courses have been divided into 23 different disciplines among these institutes.

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Nptel courses 2020 came up with lots of courses related to the ECE, from different colleges and by various professors with the art of the state lectures. We have sorted some of the best nptel courses for ECE.

  • Digital and Analog VLSI Design
  • Embedded Systems
  • Computer Networking and System Security
  • Wireless networks/Telecomunication
  • Digital signal processing applications

To check all the ECE course list to click Nptel Courses, and select the ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATION ENGINEERING SECTION. Browse the course of your choice


NPTEL is one of the largest online repositories in the world of courses in engineering, basic sciences, and selected humanities and social sciences subjects. The nptel courses list is segregated in basis of 3 major factors

  1. The institute
  2. No. of weeks
  3. Discipline
  • Total courses- 935
  • Web courses- 433
  • Video courses- 502
  • Upcoming courses- 417

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NPTEL (National Program On Technology Enhanced Learning), by 2014 they started to provide nptel free online courses. All the courses are free for the learners who wish to enroll in the program, chose from 23 disciplines, and 935 courses. Nptel courses 2020 is also including 417 new nptel free courses to their 2020 batches, click on the link.

Register to the link and get started with the nptel free online courses.


A lot of courses are been introduced in several years, nptel courses 2020 has announced to add approx 400 new courses divided into 23 discipline. The registration for the July-December batch is open, the last date for new batch is extended till September, dude to the global pandemics, so go ahead and apply to the Nptel upcoming courses.


  • Advanced Machining Processes - 12
  • Advances in welding and joining Technologies - 13
  • Fluid dynamics and Turbomachines - 16
  • Fluid Machines - 17
  • Foundation of Computational Fluid Dynamics - 18
  • Fundamentals of Compressible Flow - 19
  • Introduction to Mechanical Vibration - 21
  • Mechanical Measurement Systems - 22

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