Completed Engineering and looking for some help in Masters? Well, you have just reached the right place. As we all know, GATE: Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is an entrance test and scholarship examination for the Master's Programme held by 7 IIT's and IISc Banglore. IIT administers GATE Examination. NPTEL: A project funded by MHRD, Govt. of India which is initiated by these same IIT's and IISc Banglore. NPTEL serves to be an excellent and popular platform amongst students. NPTEL helps in GATE preparation via relevant course material made available free of cost in video as well as web format. Over 10 lakhs student appear for GATE. Nptel Gate will help you through past papers marked with NPTEL lectures there itself. The Lectures are marked for students who wish to learn more and have a better understanding of the answer.


For the preparation of nptel gate 2021 , Nptel is gonna prove to be extremely useful. The registration for GATE 2021, is from this 14th September to 30th September. Admit card will be made available on 8 Jan 2021. The exam will be conducted from 5–14 Feb 2021 for 27 different subjects also known as "papers". GATE 2021 examination will be held over six days and twelve sessions on Friday 5th, Saturday 6th, Sunday 7th, Friday 12th, Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th of February 2021. Results will be declared on 22 Mar 2021.
NPTEL offers past papers on 23 different subjects (some are still under progress) which makes it the best. It will pave the way for nptel gate. The papers available are approximately of past 10 years along with NPTEL lectures marked for reference. It includes various paper sets as well.

  • Gate Registration Date: 14th-30th Sep 2020
  • Gate Admit Card Availability: 8th Jan 2021
  • Gate Exam Date: 5th-14th Feb
  • Gate Results: 22nd Mar 2021

NPTEL GATE Preparation

If you look up for NPTEL GATE Preparation, you won't find any recorded videos specifically for GATE Preparation on the NPTEL Platform. But NPTEL has a list of previous year question papers for all subject areas under GATE Preparation Papers.
You can refer to topic specific or subject specific general lectures to strengthen your concepts and solve all the papers in the list.

After all the more you practice the more you'll succeed in the exam!

NPTEL GATE Mechanical

NPTEL covers mechanical engineering aspect very well. Mechanical Engineering is coded as ME in the list. Papers from the year 2011 to 2017 are made available with different sets included.
Nptel gate mechanical includes topics such as Metallurgy, Mechanical Vibrations, Mathematics, Strength of Materials, Computer-Aided designing and manufacturing, Basic Concepts in Mechanics co-ordinated by different IITs and IISC. It mostly covers content from basic to advanced level in various sub-disciplines in mechanical engineering. You can also use the filters given for the same and type of content you want to watch to crack nptel gate.

NPTEL GATE Lectures for Mechanical

NPTEL is a great platform to learn any topic if you are preparing for GATE. You'll get in depth insights and knowledge about the subject through the lectures and you'll also improve upon your concepts.
NPTEL platform can provide you with previous year question papers to help you prepare for the exam but it does not have any series of recorded NPTEL GATE lectures for MEchanical or any other branch.
Nevertheless here are the platforms where you can find a list of NPTEL Mecahnical lectures which can help you in your preparation -

  1. NPTEL Videos
  2. Mechanical Engineering


NPTEL covers civil engineering branch very well. Civil Engineering is coded as CE in the list. In nptel gate, civil covers papers from the year 2011 to 2016 are made available with different sets included. It covers sub-branches of Civil engineering such as Transportation engineering, Traffic Engineering and so on. It also provides more than 1 link as the answer along with question paper. To enhance the knowledge of nptel gate civil and for the purpose of revision its considered to be the best.


NPTEL Gate CSR is accessible through NPTEL's official website. The website currently flashes the latest exam-related and other updates. As you scroll down, you find various initiatives of NPTEL. One of them is Nptel CSR. As you click on the icon on the left with CSR it redirects you. It gives a detailed information on how it has been useful to students to prepare and nail the nptel gate, working profssionals for skilling and faculties.
NPTEL's CSR partners includes companies like Aricent Technologies (Holdings) Limited associated since 2014 providing fund of Rs. 5 crores. Capgemini Technology Services India Limited which has provided 82 Lakhs plus rupeees of assistance since 2018 and offers fee waiver to obtain NPTEL certification to students with less economical support. TATA Technologies is associated with NPTEL since 2018 April. It also offers fee waiver to obtain certification to students with less economical support by funding 31 Lakhs plus rupees.

Nptel CSR Gate Portal


NPTEL Gate Portal is accessible through NPTEL's official website. The website currently flashes the latest exam-related updates. As you scroll down, you find various initiatives of NPTEL. One of them is nptel gate. As you click on the icon with GATE PREPARATION it redirects you.
It includes 23 different subjects though some are still under progress. All subjects are given a code as per their initials. Paper sets are made available from the year 2008 - 2017 subject to availability. Various sets of papers are included along with NPTTEL reference links. It has proved to be very helpful for Nptel gate.

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