Online Course on Artificial Intelligence

Online Course on Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence is teaching a machine on how to think, learn from past experiences and act like humans. There is not one section of our lives today that does not have any influence of AI onto. From making our daily lives better in making complex decisions in the scientific world, every sector is influenced and highly depends on AI.

Artificial Intelligence was recognized as an academic for the first time in 1956. It has been developing and powering our lives since then. It has been such an integral part of our lives that now we cannot imagine our lives without it. From taking closest routes from Siri or google assistant or asking Alexa to tell a joke to self-driven cars and smart home security, we depend on AI and not even realize it.

Why Don't You Check Online Courses from IIT.

AI is taking over every field possible. Sometimes human intelligence processing is way too slow than is required to solve a problem at hand, and this is where AI comes into play. Thus, a career in AI is the most wanted career these days. But what if your academics is over? What if you want to switch to AI while you continue doing what you do?

Well, learning never stops. Online course on Artificial Intelligence is a simple answer to all such questions. Let’s find out the best ones.

Artificial Intelligence Course In Hyderabad

Hyderabad also called as the Hi-tech city. It is home to big companies like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, etc. It is the hub of technology and a place for successful careers in technology.

Hyderabad will soon be the largest host of hi-tech technologies and big companies wishing to invest in these technologies. For all the tech-savvy aspirants looking for a great career in artificial intelligence, or wanting to switch to AI, taking artificial intelligence course in Hyderabad and equipping oneself for the jobs out there sounds like a smart option.

Here is a list of places to find an online course on artificial intelligence in Hyderabad–

1. Intellipat

2. PG program in AI and ML – Great learning

3. PG program in AI for leaders – Great learning

4. Simplilearn

5. Hyderabad school of artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Course syllabus

Artificial Intelligence Course Syllabus

Before starting any course it is better to go through the syllabus first. This process helps us to prepare ourselves to understand what’s coming and make up our mindset ready for it.

Artificial Intelligence course does not require any pre-requisites as such, to begin with. You can switch to this career without having any prior relevant experiences.

The beginner artificial Intelligence course syllabus consists of the following things more or less–

· Data structures and algorithm

· Introduction to Artificial intelligence

· Algorithms for data analysis

· Data science with Python

· Principles of AI and Machine Learning

· Artificial Neural Networks and Deep learning

· Deep learning with Keras and Tensor flow and Python libraries for it

· Advanced deep learning and computer vision

· Use of GPU in deep learning networks

Artificial Intelligence Course PDF

Being well informed before beginning with any course is a good practice. Finding an Artificial Intelligence course PDF, gives a very clear idea about the flow of the course, the syllabus of the course, and we get a better overview of the course.

Some courses also demand some pre-requisites before the commencement of the course. A PDF document can always answer all such queries.

The course PDF can be downloaded from any online course on artificial intelligence providing websites we want to sign up for. If we wish to take up post-graduate programs or distance learning postgraduate programs with any fit university, all the relevant information along with the syllabus, list of required software and reference books, is available on the universties’ web site  in the pdf format.

Artificial Intelligence Free Online Course With Google

Artificial Intelligence Free Online Course With Google

Google has created a free introductory course in AI collaborating with Reaktor and University of Helsinki. The objective of this course are–

· To encourage a broad group of people to learn what is AI

· The cans and can’ts of AI

· How to start creating AI methods.

Find more about artificial intelligence free online course with google.

Free Online Course On Artificial Intelligence

Free Online Course On Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is an interesting technology to learn. Wouldn’t it be great if we could just learn the beginner AI courses for free and online!

Usually, these courses cost a lot but every newbie wants to learn at least the introductory course free right!

Here is a list of the sites that offer free online courses on artificial intelligence–

1. Udacity

2. Coursera

3. Google

4. MIT deep learning and artificial intelligence lectures

5. Nvidia

MIT Online Course On Artificial Intelligence

MIT Online Course On Artificial Intelligence

MIT provides a wide range of courses online. One of the best MIT online course on artificial intelligence can be found online which shows a real-world application of AI in self-driving cars. This course was taught at Bricks ‘n’ Morter University for the first time. All the video lectures and exercises are available here. Yet you won’t get a certificate of completion.

Other courses on introduction to Artificial Intelligence and its applications can be found at MIT open ware. The lecture notes and projects are available here in the pdf form.

Online Course Artificial Intelligence Stanford

Online course Artificial Intelligence Stanford

Stanford provides an online course on artificial intelligence. The semester or course wise information has been provided on Stanford’s website. This course costs $1,595 per course.

This course is taught by Andrew N G, one of the biggest names in AI and ML. He is the Chief Scientist at Baidu, adjunct professor at Stanford University and the co-founder of Coursera.

That being said, you can get a free online course artificial intelligence Stanford, taught by Andrew NG on Coursera. You would only have to pay if you wish to get a certificate.

Be smarter and make the machines smart.

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