Online Course Certificate

Online Course Certificate

The saying “Learning is never wasted” has a true meaning.

Learning has no losses, it only has profits in some or the other way. If a person wants to get one step ahead in his career, he can go for an online course certificate program. It can be done by students to have more exposure about the subject he likes, by teachers to refresh the knowledge and learn something new, by working professionals to upskill themselves, or by anyone interested to know more. Online learning is now a new trend because of its easy accessibility. All you need is the internet and a device like a computer or a mobile. You can have an online course certificate by sitting in any corner of the world. Get various important info about Online Courses from various platforms.

Following are the websites that give online course certificate –

  • Coursera
  • Udemy
  • LinkedIn
  • Skillshare
  • Udacity
  • EDX
  • Unacademy



If some quality product is available for free, we take full advantage of it, don’t we? What is better than someone giving you their knowledge and guidance almost free? You only have to take efforts to think deeply about what you want, the question of how to do it is solved by the mentors online. You don’t even have to travel, make appointments, and wait for long queues to meet them. Thanks to technology, they are very conveniently available online.
Various platforms provide you with all the information, you can compare them all, and select the program that suits you the best. You may ask your school/college professors or your seniors if you are working, how much the program will be helpful for your development. You will find more about these platforms which provide online course certificate free


You can earn a degree or a certificate from the university through Coursera. Coursera Certificate online offers you learning from professional development like starting a career, getting a raise, or a promotion.
There are over 3900 + courses and specializations to choose from and more than 13 professional courses. There are also 20+ MasterTrack certificates which are specifically designed for in-depth learning.
Every course comes with a certificate if you complete the course minimum requirements. You may get free certificates for some courses while for others you have to pay the required fees.

Most Popular Certifications –

  1. Deep Learning
  2. Python for everybody
  3. Data Science
  4. Google IT Support
  5. Key Technologies for Business
  6. Machine Learning

Their certifications have more subcategories and details about how it works, what you will learn, skills you will gain, recent reviews, learner career outcomes, why should you take that specific course, etc.


More than 40 million people have trusted udemy certificate free courses. Personal learning recommendations are also given all you need to do is answer a few questions. People who don’t have time or money for a school/college education can consider this option to reach whatever goals you have decides.

Udemy provides free certification courses and below is the list of some –

  • Big Data and Hadoop Essentials
  • Mixin Network dApp Development
  • Introduction to Book Keeping and Basic Accounting
  • Start an E-commerce Business made easy
  • Develop Mobile GIS Apps for iOS in Objective C
  • Learn to calculate faster than a computer
  • Cognitive Development in Social Context: Experiments and App
  • Affiliate marketing strategies for Beginners

Free courses offer you only online video content. They don’t offer a certificate of completion, instructor Q&A, and instructor direct message. An online course certificate will help you reach height.


Udacity provides you active, project-based learning. You learn by doing real-world projects and you do hands-on exercises that leads to some real skills that are mandatory in that particular field. Applying theory you have learned the classes gives you the confidence to perform practical if your concepts are clear. They also offer financial support and give you scholarships if you are eligible
When you click on any course on their website, you will find an estimated time to complete the course, enroll by, prerequisites, collaboration partner, syllabus, project reviews, etc. Get Udacity Online Certification Courses.

Udacity online certificate offer courses in –

  • Programming and development
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cloud Computing
  • Data Science
  • Business
  • Autonomous Systems

These are further divided into subcategories which include tools and skills. All information is available in the description from which you can decide whether to do this online course certificate or not.


It is one of the Indias largest online higher education companies.
They provide placements in companies like Amazon, Adobe, VISA, Flipkart, OLA, ESPN, Microsoft, SWIGGY, IBM, etc
If you are interested in any program, you can simply have a live chat with them or you can request a call from them by providing your details such as name, email address, and phone number. You will be guided properly and all your questions regarding that course will be answered. Upgrad online courses certificate holds a great value because you have one on one interaction with industry experts, doubts are resolved on Q&A forums and WhatsApp groups, you have networks with industry experts and peers and you have job placement assistance too.


NPTEL stands for National Program on Technology Enhanced Learning. It is developed by IITs and IISc. It operates through the YouTube channel and faculty of India’s top institutes have designed the course. Hence NPTEL certificate surely holds a value of great importance. Nptel courses have their domains in engineering and pure sciences, however, they do have selected courses in social sciences and humanities. Joining these courses is free, but if you wish to give their exam and obtain a certificate you need to pay Rs 1000/-. Exams are conducted both in online mode using computers and offline mode using paper and pen. Results and e-certificates are generated 4-5 weeks after completion of the exam. These courses are 100% online, can be done anytime, anywhere, and self-paced. Make full use of this opportunity and pursue an online course certificate.


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