Online Course Data Science

Online Course Data Science

Everyone is advertising about online course data science. Why are institutes and organizations promoting this course so much? What is the future of Data Science, which are the best courses for Data Science? Which websites provide these courses? If you have all these questions then you have come to the right page. Data Science is an interdisciplinary field that uses algorithms and tools to extract information and knowledge from structured and unstructured. It helps the organization to determine the future using the past thus giving the data to make decisions. It can be beneficial for the company as data science helps in knowing what were the trends in sales, which product was sold the most, why was the sale high for that specific month, and much more. It has got a mixture of management skills, computer science, mathematics and last but not the least statistics.

Data Science Advantages and Disadvantages
Data Science Advantages and Disadvantages

Coursera Data Science

Learning skills of Data Science will never go in vain because data is going to be generated and companies will aim to perform better. Coursera offers courses in data science to learn various tools that are required to be a Data Scientist. There are more than 1700 courses available on data science. You can do a professional certification, a specialization, or a course as per your convenience. Online course data science is a good investment.

Following are Coursera Data Science courses –

  • Applied Data Science with Python (University of Michigan)
  • Introduction to Data Science (IBM)
  • Data Science: Foundations using R (Johns Hopkins University)
  • Introduction to Data Science in Python (University of Michigan)
  • Masters of Computer Science in Data Science (University of Illinois
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (University of London)
  • Master of Computer Science (Arizona State University)
  • Master of Computer and Information Technology (University of Pennsylvania)

More information on their website - Coursera Data Science

Udemy Data Science

Udemy provides courses supported by various companies like, Adidas, Mercedes-Benz, etc. You can learn skills that are required for the industry. Do the smart work and learn all the necessary skills. If you are not sure about the course on Udemy, all courses have a 30-day money-back guarantee. Isn't it a good deal?

Get information on - Udemy Data Science

Udemy Data Science offers courses such as –

  • The Data Science course 2020: Complete Data Science Bootcamp (360 Careers)
  • Machine Learning A-Z: Hands-on Python and R in Data Science ( Kirill Eremenko)
  • Data Science A-Z: Real-life Data Science Exercises included (SuperDataScience Team)
  • Unsupervised Deep Learning in Python (Lazy Programmer Inc)
  • Deep Learning: GANs and Variational Autoencoders (Lazy Programmer Inc)
  • Statistics for Data Science and Business Analysis (365 Careers)
  • Cluster Analysis and Unsupervised Machine Learning (Lazy Programmer Inc)

Best Online Data Science Courses

Data science components
Data science components

Many institutions offer programs in Data Science, but you should read about what are they providing and check how that course will be beneficial for you. Look for which institute is taking the course, what is the syllabus, which skills are they going to introduce, are these skills required in the industry, how many people have done the course before and how has the course helpful for them in their career, is the course worth doing. To make your work easy, we have made a list of courses from which you can extract maximum knowledge.

Best online data science courses will give you the following results –

  • Top Data Science Online Course with placement assistance – Great learning
  • Data Science Courses Online Certification and Live projects – Datamites
  • Data Science: Online Courses from Harvard, MIT, Microsoft – edX

Data Analytics Courses Online

Analytics is used to make future predictions based on the information collected and decisions made. Raw data and patterns are examined to uncover and extract valuable insights. Data analytics helps in the optimization of business performance. Data Analyst is a good career option because demand is huge and people in this field are less so they command a high salary and excellent perks. If you are a person who is willing to be a game-changer and look for different career opportunities, you can consider this option too.

You learn following things in Data Analytics Courses Online –

  1. Artificial Intelligence
  2. Big data
  3. Cloud Computing
  4. Data Analysis
  5. Data Mining
  6. Power BI
  7. Python
  8. R Software
  9. Quantum Computing

By doing an online course data science you will also learn about data analytics because it is interconnected.

Free Data Science Courses

You hardly need a degree in computer science to become a data scientist, you can learn the fundamental skills and tools required through certifications or diplomas and still upgrade your employability and career prospects.

Following are the free Data Science Courses –

  • Data Science Crash Course, John Hopkins University (Coursera)
  • Introduction to Data Science (Revised) - (Alison)
  • Data Science and Machine Learning Essentials – Microsoft (EdX)
  • Learn Data Science – Dataquest
  • Data Science – Harvard
  • Introduction to Data Science in Python – Coursera
  • I Heart Stats: Learning to Love Statistics- University of Notre Dame (EdX)
  • Learn Data Science with R – Ram Reddy (Coursera)

EDX Data Analytics Course

EDX is started by Harvard University and MIT, you can close your eyes and trust the courses provides by them. There are more than 2000 courses available on EDX and more than 260 courses in Data Analytics filed.

EDX Data Analytics Courses include –

  1. Introduction to Data Analytics for Managers
  2. Data Analytics for Business
  3. Big Data Analytics
  4. Big Data Analysis Using Spark
  5. Data Analytics and Visualization in health care
  6. Data, Analytics and Learning
  7. Data Analytics in Heath – From Basics to Business
  8. IoT Data Analytics and Storage
  9. The Power of Data
  10. Analytics for the Classroom teacher

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