Online Course In Economics

Online Course In Economics
The study of supply and demand is called Economics. It is the social science which studies the production, distribution, and consumption of wealth. The study of economics studies the market trend at a local or global level, consumer behaviour, and can predict future trends.

Economics can be divided into two major branches called Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. Both the branches encompass many more topics to be learnt to become a successful economist.

With learning and education taking an online route, online course in economics opens the doors to wider areas of knowledge in economics with aids to an effective and deeper understanding of the subject.

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Online Course in Economics

The Internet opens a wider ground for knowledge. With advancing technology the competition to attain a better rank is also advancing among the students and professional economists.

The economy keeps changing its trends and hence, all the economists and to be economists must keep themselves updated. Online course in economics helps achieve this goal.

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Free Online Course In Economics

Free Online Courses In Economics

In the world of knowledge getting to learn something free is like finding a gold mine. Wouldn’t it be great to find the most useful knowledge to be a successful economist for free! Thanks to the advancing internet which makes this possible.

If you are a student of economics or a professional, free online course in economics will help you to always be one step ahead of others. Here is a list of free courses and platforms which offer an online course in economics for free –

1. edX

2. Coursera

3. MIT open courseware

4. Alison

5. Open Culture

6. Principles of economics – Stanford online

7. Futurelearn

8. Harvard online learning

List Of Professional Courses In Economics

If you are an undergrad economics student or a professional economist and you are thinking about widening your area of expertise; taking a professional online course in economics can help your soar to greater heights.

Here is a list of professional courses in economics and a list of platforms offering a professional online course in economics that help you achieve your goal –

1. Economics: Consumer Demand – edX

2. Economics in 10 Principles – Udemy

3. Fundamentals of Macroeconomics – edX

4. Economics 102: Macroeconomics – Study

5. Economics courses by Alison

6. Professional Economics undergraduate course – Unversity of western Australia

7. Meghnad Desai Academy of Economics

Best Online Course For Economics

Best Online Courses For Economics

The best course in economics will be the one which offers in-depth, concise, and comprehensive knowledge in economics. We sure get lots of knowledge from our college courses but that is not enough to build skills and become credible for jobs out there. Thus, best online course for economics would be the one that helps an aspirant to improve his/her skills in the field.

Here is a list of courses and platforms that offer the best online course in economics for every level –

1. Coursera

2. edX

3. Alison

4. MIT open courseware

5. Principles of Economics – Stanford Online

6. Udemy

7. Economic Indicators – LinkedIn Learning

Online Course In Health Economics

Online Course In Health Economics

Health economics builds a framework to study how society should allow its limited health care resources effectively and efficiently to meet people’s demand or need for health care services, health promotion, and prevention.

So basically, health economics is concerned with the analysis of efficiency, effectiveness, values, behaviour, and production and consumption of health care services by the masses, and predicting and preparing for future requirements in health care.

This field consults a lot of challenges in public, private as well as government health care organizations, and hence health economists are always in demand. Online course in health economics helps build required skills and excel in the career.

Here is a list of online course in economics for the health economics branch –

1. The Economics of Health Care Delivery – Coursera

2. Introduction to Health Economics and Health Technology Assessment – Futurelearn

3. Certification Programme in Fundamentals of Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) – MarksMan Academy of Health Sciences

4. Healthcare Finance, Economics and Risk – EdX

5. Addressing healthcare economics – eCornell

6. Healthcare Economics – MIT open courseware

Online Courses In Economics Harvard

Online Courses In Economics Harvard

Harvard is one of the prestigious Ivy colleges and many ambitious students want to be enrolled in Harvard. But it remains a dream for so many as getting into such an institution is quite challenging.

Considering this fact Harvard has launched many online courses that any interested student can take from anywhere, anytime. Online Courses in economics Harvard help students to build a stronger foundation into economics and go ahead in their careers.

Here are two such online courses in economics by Harvard which any budding economist would want to take –

1. Online Economics Courses – Harvard online learning

2. Public Economics: A Free Online Course from Harvard – Open Course

Online Refresher Course In Economics

Honestly, refresher course is such a great concept. It allows students as well as professors and also the working professionals to gloss over all the important concepts, be up-to-date with the advancements in the field, and just help anybody wanting to restart their career in the same field.

Many universities in India provide an online refresher course in economics under the support and guidance of UGC. But since they are scheduled at a certain time of the year, learners must keep an update of such announcements.

Following are a few universities the recently provided or are providing a refresher online course in economics –

1. University of Delhi

2. UGC- Human Resource Development Centre (HRDC) University of Rajasthan

Online Courses For Economics Students

Online Courses For Economics Students

In these advancing times where the world economy faces new challenges everyday, just college-knowledge is not sufficient for budding economists to be successful. To bridge the gap between college-knowledge and the skills required for jobs, online courses for economics students are a great help.

Following is a list of courses and platforms which provide great online course in economics for aspiring students –

1. Coursera

2. edX

3. MIT open courseware

4. Alison

5. Oxford University courses

6. Principles of Economics – Stanford Online

7. LinkedIn Learning

8. Udemy

9. Academic Earth

Online Economics Courses For Credit

Many online course in economics giving credits are super important for students to get good grades in their classes. Some colleges insist that the students take up such courses with transferable credits while other colleges can accept this credit transfer to grade you along with the regular college courses.

Besides, taking online economics courses for credit is a great option as it improves your skills and makes you job-ready early on.

Here are some platforms offering an online course in economics with transferable credits –

1. Coursera

2. Michigan state university economics courses

3. edX

4. Alison


Swayam Online Refresher Course In Economics

Swayam Online Refresher Course In Economics

The National Resource Centre, Shri Ram College of Commerce is offering a refresher online course in economics on the Swayam portal. This course is currently ongoing. It has started from 1st April 2020 and will end by 1st January 2021 and is a 16 weeks course total.

Swayam online refresher course in economics is free of cost and faculties and students all over the world can take this course to update their learning.

This course is known as ‘ARPIT Refresher Course in Economics’ on Swayam portal and it aims at updating the theoretical and practical knowledge of the learner; updating the skills of impartation; to offer greater insights into the institutional framework, policy implementation, and dynamics of new world order.

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