Online Course Hacking

Online Course Hacking

The world cannot function without the internet or a computer. Every important data is feed into the computers of companies, hospitals, railways, government organizations, etc.

If a person wants to acquire that data, he can do it if he knows how to hack the computer. People do it for many reasons, money being at the top, followed by information gathering and data collection.

A Hacker is a programmer experienced in computer programming and is capable of entering a computer system or a network of computers. He explores methods to break the defense systems and security by determining the weakness areas present in that particular system.

There are organizations and courses which are available on the internet that teach this. You can do an online course hacking and become a hacker.

Do you imagine yourself on a computer performing the assignment about a programming language? Do technical challenges excite you? Then online course hacking is for you!

Ethical Hacking Online Course

Ethical hacking is done by authorized hackers to investigate the weak points in the computer system that malicious hackers may exploit or destroy.

They are used by companies or organizations to find vulnerabilities so that anybody who is not authorized cannot access it. Ethical hacking is considered legal and it is permitted because it is for the safety of that organization.

You can become a certified ethical hacker with the help of training. A certificate is achieved by taking the examination of C|EH.

  • The exam has 125 multiple choice questions and a 4-hour time limit.
  • You can learn through the EC-Council learning portal.
  • You can also have a bachelor's degree in information technology or an advanced diploma in network security.

Websites that have ethical hacking online courses –

Why do we need ethical hacking
Why do we need ethical hacking

Best Ethical Hacking Courses

Ethical Hackers have to learn and perform hacking based on the requirement of the client in a professional manner. To check on the cybercrimes, companies need to deny access or injection of malware, worms, or viruses.

We picked out the best ethical hacking courses to make your choice easier-

  • Learn Ethical Hacking from scratch (Udemy)
  • The Complete Ethical Hacking Course: Beginner to Advance. (Udemy)
  • Website Hacking/Penetration Testing and Bug Bounty Hunting (Udemy)
  • Certified Ethical Hacker (EC – Council)
  • Ethical Hacker (Alison)
  • Certified Ethical Hacking Course (Simplilearn)
  • Unlocking Information Security (edX)
Ethical Hacking Process
Ethical Hacking Process

Hacking course online free

There are multiple types of learning, some of them are self-study and live online.

There are many options for hacking courses online free, one such is cybrary – Their web-based learning platform is completely free and open for people who want to learn. Their goal is to make the courses available for everyone regardless of the circumstances.

The course includes topics such as

  • post-exploitation hacking
  • digital hacking forensics
  • advanced penetration hacking and much more.

Even if you are not sure if you want to pursue a career in this or which path to take, there are targeted Career Paths available which will guide you for the same.

You can create a free account on their website and start the course immediately.

Coursera Ethical Hacking

Coursera is a widely used platform for online learning. There are almost more than 20 courses available for ethical hacking.

There will be a list of courses available when you search "ethical hacking" in the search box. You can compare the data given in the description and then decide which course will suit you the most.

The description will have a university, level, students who have completed the course, ratings. All these things will help you tale the decision. By doing online course hacking, you will have an exciting career.

Coursera Ethical Hacking provides courses such as –

  • IBM Cybersecurity Analyst
  • Introduction to Cyber Security tools and Cyber Attacks
  • Fundamentals of Computer Networks
  • Hacking and Patching
  • Cybersecurity for Business
  • Network Security and Database Vulnerabilities
  • Web Application Security Testing with OWASP ZAP
  • Penetration Testing, Incident Response, and Forensics
  • Detecting and Mitigating Cyber Threats and Attacks
  • Introduction to Cybersecurity for Business
  • Cyber Threats and Attack Vectors

Ethical Hacking Course Udemy

More than 64 lac people are learning ethical hacking on the udemy website. If you are unable to decide, they have the list of top ethical hacking courses.

You can search the most popular, highest rated, newest courses, you can also choose courses from "Beginner Favourites" if you are completely new to this.

You can click on the course to know everything in detail such as the price of the course, reviews, ratings, etc.

What can these courses teach you?

  • Ethical Hacking using Kali Linux
  • Penetration testing
  • Intrusion testing
  • Basics of ethical hacking to advanced concepts
  • Red teaming
  • Cyber security
  • Post exploitation
  • Gaining Access
  • Web apllication penetration testing

Find information on - Ethical Hacking Udemy

Following are the courses you will find on ethical hacking course udemy –

  1. Total: CompTIA Security+ Certification (SY0-501)
  2. Certified Professional Ethical Hacker (CPEH)
  3. The Ultimate Ethical Hacking Course 2020
  4. Certified Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security Beginner to Advance
  5. Cross-Site Scripting: Attack and Defence
  6. Reverse Engineering and Software Protection
  7. Become Ethical Hacker in 15 hours
  8. Practical Ethical Hacking – The Complete Course
  9. Real-world EthicalHacking: Hands-on cybersecurity

Black Hat Hacker Training Online Free

Black Hat hackers break into computer networks with malicious intent. They release malware that destroys files, steal information, password, and other personal information.

Black Hat Ethical Hacking – you can use this link to go to their website for Online Course Hacking

They allow you the latest tools and frameworks, real demos, techniques which are carefully chosen topics. Python is the most used programming language
There are more than 450 videos and 35+ hours of content. You will also get a certificate of achievement.


  • Basic IT skills
  • Wireless Adapter

Top Tools used in Online course Hacking

  • Acunetix,
  • Nmap
  • Metasploit
  • Wireshark
  • Nikto
  • John the Ripper
  • Kismet
  • SQL ninja

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