Online Course Hindi

Online Course Hindi

Hindi is the national language of India. Hindi written in the Devanagari script is one of the two official languages of Government of India, along with the English Language. And so every Indian must learn Hindi.

Hindi being the official language of India almost everybody understands it and speaks it with non-native people. Nowadays as education is going online anybody can learn to speak Hindi anytime anywhere with online course Hindi.

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It many times happens that although many people understand English some of them have a hard time comprehending the knowledge taught in English and prefer to learn in Hindi, as it is simpler and comfortable to understand.

Thus without further ado, we would tell you about multiple online course Hindi that will help you upskill yourself with ease –

Online Classes For Hindi

Online Classes For Hindi

Almost every kid in India learns Hindi in school. Although it is a beautiful, and simple language, it may take time to understand different perspectives of it. Hence, many kids need a separate class along with school to learn Hindi.

Online classes for Hindi can be taken not just by school kids but anybody who wishes to learn Hindi well. India has a treasure of Hindi literature and to understand it, you would want to know the Hindi language well.

Here is a list of resources that provide online course Hindi for anybody who wants to learn it well –

1. Hindi online class

2. Skillshare – Hindi for beginners

3. Hindi hour

4. Udemy

5. Duolingo

Online Hindi Course Free

Online Hindi Course Free

Say you are from some other country and want to visit India. Then you’d need to know at least conversational Hindi to interact with the people around; or even if you are from India but probably don’t know Hindi well, if you have any travel plans around the country you may want to know Hindi to find your way around right!

For all such reasons or any other, with online Hindi course free, you can learn this beautiful language without having to spend much money on the fees. Here is a list of platforms that offer online course Hindi free –

1. Duolingo

2. Free Hindi hour

3. Innovative

4. Youtube

Online Hacking Course In Hindi Free

Online Hacking Course In Hindi Free

The Internet is taking a hold of our lives and all of us have a lot of our sensitive information on the internet. This sensitive information can be personal, or a whole private database of a company or all the sensitive records of an organization. We all know that any vulnerability in the security of all this sensitive information and Hackers can break in and destroy us in seconds.

If you are someone who wants to learn ethical hacking but all those terminologies and procedures in English are being tedious to be understood, you can now learn ethical hacking in Hindi and that without burning a hole in your pocket, with online hacking course in Hindi free!

Here is where you can find hacking online course Hindi free –

1. The Complete Practical Ethical Hacking Expert in Hindi – Udemy

2. Besant Technologies

3. Online Ethical Hacking Course in Hindi For Beginners – Cyber Pratibha


5. Kali Attacks – Ethical Hacking In Hindi

6. ACTE – ethical hacking course in Hindi

Udemy Courses In Hindi

Udemy Courses In Hindi

Udemy is one of the biggest Online learning American platform. One can find a wide variety of courses on Udemy that can help a learner upskill himself.

Udemy has lots of different courses that are taught in Hindi which are easy to understand and easier to learn. Find more information on Udemy courses in Hindi here.

Free Online Astrology Course In Hindi

Astrology is a pseudoscience that claims to divine information about human affairs and terrestrial events by studying the movements and relative positions of celestial objects. The study of Astrology has been carried out In India since the ancient times.

Free online Astrology course in Hindi can teach interested learners about different topics in Astrology. Here are some platforms that offer Astrology online course Hindi for free –

1. Astroyantra

2. Heaven’s child

3. Youtube

Tally Course Online In Hindi

tally course online in Hindi

Tally is an accounting software used for Billing, inventory and Compliance. If you are a commerce student or a business person, learning tally would help you do all the accounting work easily and quickly.

Tally course online in Hindi can be done whenever and wherever and without any language understanding barrier for any Indian student. Here is list of Tally online course Hindi –

1. Tally.ERP9 Basic with GST in Hindi – Udemy


3. Learn Tally Course In Hindi – Besant Technologies

4. Elearn markets

5. Infonix online course

Online Mobile Repairing Course In Hindi Free

Mobile repairing is the most in-demand skill nowadays. With new and advancing mobile technologies mobile repairers constantly need to keep themselves updated with all the technical knowledge need to repair mobile phones.

Online mobile repairing course in Hindi free can help anybody upskill themselves with the technical knowledge required to repair different mobile phones. Find mobile repairing online course Hindi free here –

1. Mobile repairing course in Hindi

2. Youtube

Online Homeopathy Course In Hindi

Online Homeopathy Course In Hindi

Homeopathy or homoeopathy is a pseudoscientific system of alternative medicine. It is based on the concept of ‘Like cures like’, that is, the symptom of disease in healthy people can cure the same in ill people.

Homeopathy is preffered by many people as a method of treatment in india. If you are one of the persons who would like to learn this system of medicine online homeopathy course in Hindi can guide you towards your learning goals. You can find great homeopathy online course hindi on youtube.

Online Hindi Language Certificate Course

A Hindi Language ceritificate course can help the learner go ahead in the field of Hindi literature. People having Hindi language certificates can become great teachers for the Hindi language.

If you have the teaching aspect in your mind or have plans to make a career in Hindi literature online Hindi Language certificate course can help you find your way. Here are some resources for online course Hindi langue certificate –

1. Ilsc Language Schools

2. Class central

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