Online course IIT

Online course IIT

The concept of IITs was conceived between the period after the Second World War and before India got independence. It was foreseen that India’s future development would not vastly rely on Capital but Technology. Thus, to train the brilliant work forces in the country itself, the concept of IIT was given birth to.

Almost every young student aspires to join IITs one day! But let’s face it, the process for getting into the IITs is quite tough, although not impossible. There are various ways and stages through which you can join the IITs. But well preparation is the most important part of this process.

IITs are now making their valuable education more accessible for all the aspiring students. They are working with the motto that education should reach every ambitious and even unprivileged mind, without any barriers. With online course IIT and distance learning programs, anybody can acquire the knowledge and sharpen their skills, right from their homes.

If you want to restart learning or learn new skills, Swayam NPTEL is another great platform to get knowledge from teaching faculties of various IITs. Here you can get enrolled, be persistent at learning, and also get a certificate for that course!

 Check out more about Online Course Data Analytics here!

Online Course By IIT

Reaching every aspirant to enrich themselves with knowledge, help them sharpen their skill set, and help them advance in their careers is the prime motto of every IIT. With this motive IITs have formulated multiple online courses and online degree and distance learning programs, mitigating all the barriers and boundaries of distance or entrance exams.

Online course by IIT covers a large spectrum of topics. The courses are short term courses of about 8 to 12 months long. These courses include

· Artificial Intelligence for problem-solving and deep learning

· Cloud Computing

· Biostatistics

· Biomedical nanotechnology

· Electrical and electronics engineering

Apart from the technical courses offered by the NPTEL portal and online course IIT, short term courses are also offered for caregivers, teachers, and parents for primary school students from class 1 to 5. The course teaches about identifying and remediating children with dyslexia.

Other courses in the pure sciences, law, Humanities and Arts, Architecture and planning, Education are also offered by the IIT faculties through the NPTEL portal.

IIT Madras Online Courses

IIT Madras Online Courses

IIT Madras is one of the massive online course providers in India. It is well equipped to provide numerous online courses and online BSc degree programs and Diplomas in programming and data science regardless of the distance and wide area of academic backgrounds. IITM has also created NPTEL online course in 2014–– the country’s first MOOC.

IIT Madras online courses are provided through the NPTEL portal in wide areas of engineering like Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical and Electronics, Civil, Computer Science and Engineering; Pure Sciences, Humanities and Management, Law, etc.

Online Courses IIT Bombay

Online Courses IIT Bombay

IIT Bombay is one of the prestigious IITs which provides unparalleled learning. IITB, set up in 1961 and was the first one to be set up by foreign assistance, and the second IIT in the chain.

Online courses IIT Bombay can be selected from the multiple platforms that IITB is a part of. IIT Bombay has its own MOOC platform called ‘IITBombayX’. IITBX offers four types of MOOCs to meet personalised requirements of the scholars in different phases of their lives: courses for academics/education (EduMOOCs), for working professionals and others desiring to pursue life-long learning (LifeMOOCs), for skilling and vocational training (SkillMOOCs) and for teacher training (TeachMOOCs).

IITBX offers online course IIT in domains like Animation, Communication, Computer Science, Design Education, Education and Teacher Training, Engineering, Finance, and Skill Development.

IIT Bombay has also partnered with one of the leading online education platform–– edX. IITB is also part of the NPTEL portal and offers some amazing courses in every domain of education. Thus, even though you might have distance or any other limitations, you can be a part of IITB students by choosing from their wide variety of online courses IIT.

IIT Roorkee Online Courses

IIT Roorkee Online Courses

IIT Roorkee among the foremost of institutes of national importance in higher technological education and engineering, basic and applied research. Electronics and ICT Academy by IIT Roorkee provides unparallel learning experiences in technology and engineering through their online courses

E and ICT Academy provides online courses in the domains of Programming, Embedded Systems, Circuits and VLSI, Databases, and Communications.

NPTEL portal also hosts hundreds of IIT Roorkee online courses from every educational domain.

IIT Kharagpur Online Course

IIT Kharagpur Online Courses

IIT Kharagpur is one of the IITs that was set up in India between the period of the end of the Second World War and before the independence of India. IIT Kharagpur was set up in 1951 and has been providing valuable education ever since.

IIT Kharagpur is one of the valuable contributors helping education reach aspiring learners worldwide through their online courses on NPTEL platform.  IITK has more than 430 online courses on NPTEL to choose from.

IIT Kharagpur online courses provide education in all the domains of education like different streams of engineering, Pure Science, Law, Architecture.

· Find more about all these courses here.

IIT Chennai Online Course

The Indian Institute of Technology(IIT) Chennai (formerly Madras) is the leading public technical and research university in southern India.

IIT Chennai online courses are available in various branches like engineering, Pure Sciences, Humanities and Management, Law, Biotechnology,etc., on the NPTEL portal.

Online Classes for IIT JEE

Online Classes For IIT JEE

Most of the young students dream to take education in the IITs. Getting into IITs require lots of patience, perseverance and motivation as the entrance exams like JEE for IITs are quite tough to crack. Hence, many parents make their kids begin to Prepare for IITs early on.

The growing number of IIT aspirants has the market filled with a growing number of online classes for IIT JEE. But which one to choose among so many options is a troublesome question.

If you are such a parent who is unsure which online class should you enroll in for his/her better preps, or a student searching for options for his own, we are here to help you out.

The perfect online class for IIT JEE is where a student gets all the fundamentals cleared, gets an understanding of analyzing critical problem solving, and learns how to solve them fast.

· Here is a list of some online classes for JEE exam which can help into better preparation–

1. Aakash iTutor

2. Byju’s Classes

3. askIITians

4. Vedantu

5. Mystudycart

6. Toppr

IIT Data Science Course Online

IIT Data Science Course Online

Data Science is one of the hot careers currently in the trend and is growing fast. Data Science is the most in-demand field in the IT industry.

They say “Data is the new oil.”

The use and acquisition of the data have grown a lot over time, and almost every industry today needs Data Science to handle, process and use so much data for their benefit.

Data Science is an easier filed to switch to and everyone must learn it given its future scope in careers. It does not need any pre-requisites in programming and that makes it easier to switch to this career.

Data Science is for all.

Keeping this in perspective and with a goal to make students and professionals experts in data science field IITs have launched IIT data science course online. These courses elude the barriers of distance and allow you to learn from anywhere. They also give benefits like live talks with the instructors, hands-on assignments, projects and certifications.

After all, you stand to be the most credible candidate for data science jobs if you are one of the certificate holders from an IIT.

· Here are some online Data Science online course IIT–

1. Programming and Data Science Course by IIT Madras

2. Data Science certification programme by E&ICT – IIT Roorkee

3. Analytics in Practice – IIT Bombay

4. PG Diploma in Data science – IIT Banglore

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”–– Benjamin Franklin

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