Online Course for Python

Online Course for Python

The IT industry of our country is regarded as a hub of innovators who provide great ideas in the field of technology and bring world-class solutions to all those who have technological restrictions. It is because of this industry, the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of India has reached stability. Python, a programming language has been a very helpful tool in this industry. It is very simple and flexible to use. There are many uses of python – simplify complex software development, access to the database, robust standard library, many open source frameworks and tools, code readability, etc. Python is used for machine learning and artificial intelligence, data science, and data visualization, web development, game development, desktop GUI, CAD applications, etc.
As this high-level programming language is extremely important, many platforms provide online course for python. Almost all the websites that provide e-learning have courses related to python.

Features of Python
Features of Python

Learn Python Online Free

Why should we learn Python
Why should we learn Python

Python was first released in the year 1991, by Guido van Rossum. Its operating systems are Linux, macOS, Windows vista, and many more. If a person in this industry knows how to deal with Python, then half of the work is done. Many videos and lectures are made available free of cost to the user catering to the demand of this industry. All the courses will have descriptions and syllabus of the content, go through all the points, compare them with other courses, and then choose the best one to do. There will be different levels such as beginners, intermediate and high proficiency to guide you. You can select as per your understanding of the programing language. There are online courses for python that are completely free.

Learn python online free from the websites given below –

2)Learn Python

Best Python Course Online

Python is not only the best but also easy to learn. You can learn online all by yourself.
The best python courses online are available on Udemy – 2020 Complete Python Bootcamp: Go from zero to hero in Python.

It is one of the best selling courses on Udemy. This course was voted the top online course for python by the programming community. The type of this course is tutorial. It will help you train in python like a professional and you can start using it for real-life projects.
The popularity and quality of the course is determined by the ratings and the number of people who have done the course. More than 600k people have taken this course and 4.6/5 is the rating given by over 160k reviews. You will learn everything from setting up Python to Advanced Python modules.

Python Online Tutorial

People who do not know python and people who are experienced programmers both can do online course for python for understanding concepts or refreshing the skills required. Online tutorials contain basic information and about the language and get you started. If you are not sure if you will like this language or if you will be able to grasp the information, the tutorial will give an idea of the same. Then you can decide if learning this programming language will be helpful or not. Some of the websites and organizations provide free information session, you can attend those to get more clarity.
There are hardly any pre-requisites to do tutorials. All you will need is an internet connection and a laptop. Rest the tutorial will guide you through all those things that are required. All the E-learning websites provide tutorials on python.

Free Online Python Course for Beginners

You can learn online course for python at the basic level. Starting with the basics is the first step to become an expert in high tech industry. is a website that provides everything related to Python absolutely free. Mostly Anaconda distribution of Python is used and Jupyter Notebook is used for writing codes

Few free online Python course for beginners are-

  • The Python bible: everything you need to know about Python (Udemy)
  • Complete Python programing (Udemy)
  • Python for absolute beginners (Udemy)
  • Learn to code in Python 3: Programming beginner to advanced (Udemy)
  • Learning Python for Data Analysis and Data Visualization (Udemy)
  • Free Python Programing Course – Introduction (Udemy)
  • Python for Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp(Udemy)

Other than Udemy, Coursera, edX, SkilShare, LinkedIn Learning, etc.

Coursera Python Online

Coursera is the most liked website in India as the content is user friendly and courses are designed systematically. You can build your skills with them and get certificates and degrees from top universities and companies. On searching Python on the search box, a list of courses will appear. Ratings, university conducting the course, number of people who have done the course, and levels of the course will appear.

Coursera Python online courses include –

  • Python for everybody (Beginner)
  • Python 3 Programming (Beginner)
  • IMB Data Science (Beginner)
  • Google IT Automation with Python (Beginner)
  • Applied Data Science with Python (Intermediate)
  • Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Python) (Mixed)
  • Crash Course on Python (Beginner)
  • Python basics (Beginner)
  • Python for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (Beginner)

As you can see most of the courses are for beginners, it means that the basics of the programming have to be clear so that it is easy to work at the grassroots level.

Python Course Online Udemy

From Python course online Udemy, you learn from industry experts around the world. You get to have personal recommendations for the course you want to do. They are trusted by companies like, Mercedes-Benz, Adidas, Volkswagen, eventbrite, etc. A plethora of courses are available for Python courses online Udemy. You can choose fro, frequently brought together, Beginners those rated the courses highest and the one with maximum ratings.

Python Courses on Udemy

There are 10,000+ results for python courses. Some of them are listed below –

  1. Learn Python Programing Masterclass
  2. The Python Mega Course: Learn Python Programming
  3. The Python Mega Course: Build 10 real world Applications
  4. Crash Course to Learn Python coding from basic beginning
  5. Python Gui Development Using Eel
  6. Create an APL with python
  7. Learn Python from Scratch with lots of examples and projects
  8. IoT Experiments Using Arduino Uno and Raspberry Pi
  9. Python for Finance: Investment fundamentals
  10. Data Analysis with Pandes and Python

EDX Python Course

Most of the courses are available free on edX, however, if you wish to add a verified certificate, you have to pay a certain amount of price. All courses are self-paced, which means there is absolutely no pressure to submit assignments or to attend the class at a given time. And most importantly if your concepts are not clear you can go back to the videos and listen to them again.

More info on - Python Courses on EdX

EDX Python courses include following –

  1. CS50's Web Programming with Python and JavaScript
  2. CS50's Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Python
  3. Using Python for Research
  4. Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Python)
  5. Computing in Python: Fundamentals and Procedural Programing
    Analyzing Data with Python
  6. Machine Learning with Python: A Practical Introduction
  7. Visualizing Data with Python
  8. Python Data Structures
  9. Deep Learning with Python and PyTorch
  10. Advanced Algorithmic and Graph Theory with Python

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