Online Course Sites

Online Course Sites
Learning is a constant process of discovery – a process without end.             – Bruce Lee.

Learning must constantly go on, cause when the learning stops there is ‘The End’. We go to school and the college and then life begins. An always-on-the-go life. While growing up we all develop some interest in some field may it be an art or coding. But as life happens it is not always possible for us to take that interest ahead in life.

Even if we get amazing grades in college our knowledge is still very limited. To be job-ready we need to upskill ourself and keep us constantly updated to succeed in our career.

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For all those who always want to keep learning or want to take their hobbies or interest to the next levels and for all those students wanting to upskill themselves, online course sites offer different courses for all levels in all areas for learning.

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Online Course App

Online Course Apps

Online course app is the handiest technology we can have. With learning apps, we can always have knowledge in our hands. Many of the leading Online Course sites have curated their apps which we can download on our phones and make learning more accessible.

It is not always that a learner will have a computer or a laptop with him/her, but 98% of people always have their smartphone along with them everywhere. Online course app thus helps knowledge reach a learner anytime and anywhere.

Here is the list of few amazing apps giving accessible course contents same as those on their online course sites –

1. Udemy

2. edX

3. Coursera

4. Skillshare

5. Stepik

6. LinkedIn Learning

7. Khan Academy

8. Swayam

9. Simplilearn

10. Great learning



EdX is an American MOOC provider platform created by Harvard and MIT. It hosts university-level courses for students all around the world that are curated and taught by leading faculties from top partnering universities, non-profit organizations, and corporations.

edX is a non-profit organization and runs on free open edX open-source software platform. Currently, over 3 million students are taking various online courses on edX, and thus have become a popular and trusted learning online platform.

Students can take all the courses for free unless they want to apply for a verified certificate, which they can get for a certain fee. Find out more about the courses offered on edX here.



Coursera is an American MOOC provider platform founded in 2012 by Andrew NG and Daphne Koller that offers, courses, Degrees, specializations, Professional and Master track Courses in various subjects.

Many major companies and Universities have partnered with this platform to provide world-class education to students all over the world. Learners can Audit all the courses for free and can apply for a professional certificate for a certain fee. Financial Aids are available for many certificates.

Find out more about the different courses on Coursera here.



Upgrad is India’s leading online higher education providing platform giving rigorous industry-relevant programs which are designed and delivered by the top universities and industries.

Upgrad provides courses in areas like Data Science and Machine learning, Software and IT, Marketing, law, management, Blockchain, Sales and insurance.

Find out more about the courses and programs from Upgrad here.



Udacity is a for-profit MOOC providing organization founded by Sebastian Thrun, David Stavens, and Mike Sokolsky. It focused on University style courses earlier but now it focuses on the vocational courses for professionals.

Udacity offers Free Courses, University credit courses, and nanodegrees. Find more about Udacity courses here.



Udemy is an American online MOOC provider platform founded by Earn Bali, Gagan Biyani, and Oktay Caglar, which is aimed for students and working professionals. Students can take these courses to gain job-related skills. They can also get credit certifications.

Find more about Udemy Courses here.

Free Online Courses

Free Online Courses

The current times of the pandemic are uncertain. We all are compelled to sit at home, with a whole lot of free time that we don’t know what to do about, and for God knows how long!

But in our busy lives where we don’t even have time to breathe, we just tend to put away the wishes of learning something new or reviving that old passion or a hobby. With all the free time on our hand and numerous sites offering so many free online courses we can finally give a call to all those left behind little wishes.

Pandemic or not free online courses are the best way to always keep learning. Why? Because many of the free courses are self-paced, i.e. you can learn at your own time at your own pace; you keep that little unique part of you alive by learning something you like, and it’s a great way to upskill oneself and climb one step higher on the ladder of success.

Here is a list of online course sites that offer free online courses in every subject –

1. edX

2. Coursera

3. Alison

4. Freecodecamp

5. Open Learn

6. Google – Online courses

7. Skillshare

Free Online Courses With Certificates

Online Course Certificate

Certificates are like the approval stamps that tell that you took a course and you are good at whatever you learnt. It helps you be the most credible candidate in the crowd.

Wouldn’t it be great if you found free online courses with certificates? You make the job easier for the recruiters when you hold a certificate. After all, recruiters want to know if you got the perfect skill they need for the job they are offering and not just your glorifying grades in college.

Here is a list of online course sites that offer brilliant free online courses with certificates–

1. Alison

2. Coursera

3. EdX

4. Bitdegree

5. Google Digital Garage

6. Oxford Home study centre

Open Culture Online Courses

Open Culture Online Courses

When we finally decide on taking a good online course from a good University or a credible source, we are thrown into a heap of choices by the internet.

All of them look good, how do I choose? Or can’t find that one specific thing I wanted to learn but now where to look for? We are surrounded by so many questions. Open culture is where you find all your answers.

Open culture, one of the online course sites offers a whole dictionary of all the free and amazing courses offered by different universities, institutions, and companies. Not only the list of various courses to choose from but also all the helpful e-book, audiobooks, movies, and podcasts.

Find out more about open culture online courses here.

Online Course Websites Free

Whether you are a 5 or a 100 learning should never stop. For all the dreamers and pursuers internet has to offer so much of knowledge that can be taken wherever, whenever and many times Free!

If you are a student wanting to add more in your knowledge sack or just anybody who wants to learn new skills and sharpen them without spending a penny, Online Course websites free can grant you all your wishes.

Here is a list of online course sites which offer amazing courses from art to science and all that is in between –

1. Open Yale course

2. Harvard Extension

3. Stanford Online

4. Oxford home study centre

5. Coursera

6. EdX

7. Khan Academy

8. Academic Earth

9. MIT Open Courseware

10. Codecademy

11. Carnegie Mellon Open learning initiative

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