Online Course Training

Online Course Training
For the ones attempting to go towards success, it has been wisely said––  ”Hard work and training. There is no other secret formula.”

Training of any sort, not just prepares you to be the best towards your next job, but also prepares for a better and successful life. For it is not just the training for your brain or body, but also your mind and better living!

Why Don't You Look out for Online Course English.

We learn a lot of things we would require to get a job during our college days, but we don’t understand how things work unless we are trained for it.

Online Course Training

The things that we learn in college do train us to get our dream job. But we don’t get to learn everything in college. To be successful, you need to keep training to keep yourself updated with knowledge and upskill more.

You may be just a fresh graduate looking for a job or maybe a professional wanting to get a promotion faster, or maybe you are not happy with your current job and you want to switch to something you are passionate about. With online course training, you can upskill yourself and prepare yourself for your next goal. And another brownie point is that with online course training you can train yourself parallelly, at your own time, without quitting what you currently do.

Online Training Course Free

Online training course free can be used to explore your options well. There are tons of platforms available to get online course training and they are ever-growing, but so does or confusion to choose the best one!

We have narrowed down the list for finding the best platforms to take online training course free. With free online course training, you can learn new skills, polish the current ones, or just be the know-it-all in the room!

The following platforms provide many free courses developed by the best universities, institutes, and able trainers–

1. Coursera

2. EdX

3. Udemy

4. Skillshare

5. LinkedIn Learning

6. Alison

7. Khan Academy

8. TED-Ed

9. Stanford online

10. Harvard Extension

11. MIT opencourseware

12. Codecademy

13. Freecodecamp


15. Swayam

Online Training Course For Teachers

Online Training Course For Teachers
They say teaching is the noblest profession.

With the dawn of this pandemic in 2020, the whole education is switching to online. Like students learning online, teaching online is also new and quite challenging for teachers.

To help teachers provide quality education to each of their students through online education, many platforms have taken the initiative and launched a wonderful online training course for teachers.

Here is a list of some of the best online course training for teachers to help out their students well –

1. edX teacher training

2. Future learn

3. Udemy

4. Coursera

5. Oxford University online teaching course

6. Open Learn – All digital school

7. Open Learn – The modern classroom project

8. Teacher training courses

Online Training Courses Free With Certificate

Online training courses free with certificate are like the cherry on the top. You get to learn and sharpen your skills and by earning a certificate as well, you become the most credible to be appointed for a job. A certificate is a piece of evidence that you have the right knowledge and that you can be trusted for the job you are looking for.

Here are some best platforms offering online training courses free with certificate –

1. Bitdegree

2. Oxford Home study Centre

3. Google Digital Unlocked

4. Open learn

5. LinkedIn Learning

6. Udemy

7. Alison

8. Microsoft Learn

9. Facebook Blueprint

10. Free Code Camp

Online Yoga Training Course

Online Yoga Training Course
If you learn to use this body as an instrument, it is the most fantastic and powerful instrument on the planet. Yoga is towards realizing this. – Sadhguru

Yoga in Sanskrit means a union of mind, body, and soul. The yoga practice dates back to pre-Vedic times in India and is a discipline for a healthy body-mind system. Yoga helps to restore your energy levels and helps you improve your immunity, respiration, and longevity of life. Get these Online Course Training details here.

In these sensitive times like the ongoing pandemic, everyone must learn and imbibe the yoga practice at home. Choosing a correct online yoga training course can help you be in your best mental and physical health.

Here is a list to find a great online training course for yoga–

1. Vivekananda school of yoga

2. Online Yoga School

3. Udemy

4. Alison

5. Isha meditation and yoga by Sadhguru

Online Training Course Software

Online Training Course Software

In these advancing times, people are preferring e-learning platforms over attending classes physically. And in the times of the Corona Pandemic when we all need to stay at home, online courses are a necessity, because, no matter what learning and education never stop. As of now this Online Course Training is reaching new heights.

Online training has many advantages. These include saving the effort and energy to travel to the class, better understanding of the subjects due to aids of visualisation, courses can be taken whenever wherever at our own time, and these courses can be parallelly completed with whatever we are doing without having to give up on our tasks.

Online training course software can help to build and design courses which people can take hassle-free. If you are somebody having expertise in a certain area and would like to train in your field of expertise you can build and design your own online course using following online training course software builders–

1. Proprofs

2. Thinkific

3. Digital chalk

4. Learnyst

5. Learndash

6. Skillshare

7. Udemy

Platform For Online Courses

Platforms For Online Courses

With learning and education switching to online, it is hard to choose one good platform for online courses. How do we know the courses are legitimate? Would the certifications of these courses make a difference in my career? Can I take a diploma or Masters course online? There are so many questions we have. But rest assured as we talk about a few great online learning platforms that offer quality education.

Online Course Training Coursera

Coursera is a world-wide massive online open courses platform offering a varied variety of courses, specializations, Degree, Professional, and master courses. It was founded in 2012 by Stanford University's computer science professors Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller.

Students can audit the courses for free and apply for a professional certificate for a fee. For those who want a certificate but cannot afford the fees, financial aid is also available for them.

Find out more about the courses on Coursera here.

Online Course Training Udemy

Udemy is one of the online teaching and learning platforms with over 1,30,000 courses in different areas of learning. It is an American learning platform designed for working professionals and students and was founded back in May 2010 by Eren Bali, Gagan Biyani and Oktay Caglar.

Udemy courses have a rich variety for every field. Most of the courses are paid and have a very affordable fee. The learners also get a certificate with the purchase of the course and lifetime access for it.

NPTEL Online Course Training

National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL) is an Indian online learning platform for the streams like science, technology, Engineering and Mathematics for university levels. NPTEL was initiated by seven IITs viz. Bombay, Delhi, Kharagpur, Guwahati and Roorkee, and IISc.

NPTEL platform allows anybody to take education from the able faculties from the IITs and IISc without any barrier of distance, fee or any entrance exams.

NPTEL offers certificates for those who finish the course and corresponding assignments and tests in their stipulated time.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning (formally known as is an American website or platform which offers various courses curated and taught by software, creative and business industry experts.

Learners who are new to LinkedIn Learning can start any course for free for a trial month and can continue with a membership fee.


EDX is an American MOOC platform created by MIT and Harvard. It is a non-profit organization and runs on the free open-source platform.

EdX hosts a wide range of university-level courses for the worldwide student body. Many renowned universities from all over the world have partnered with edX and offer their best courses through this platform.

All the learners can audit the courses for free and can apply for a certificate for a fee. For all those who apply for the certificate get to take the quizzes, do assignments and earn a legitimate certificate which they can attach on their CVs. Some courses can even transfer the course credits to your university.


Alison is a free online learning platform which offers courses which are mostly for working professionals. It was founded in Galway, Ireland by Mike Freerick in April 2007.

Alison offers various courses in 9 core subject areas at diploma, certificate and learning path levels. The certificate level courses require two to three hours of study while more rigorous diploma courses require ten to fifteen hours of study.

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