Online Course For UPSC

Online Course For UPSC
“Ask not what your country can do for you––ask what you can do for your country” – John F. Kennedy
Serving for others, and striving for your nation is the noblest service one can offer. As Mahatma Gandhiji once said, “finding yourself can only be done by losing yourself in service to others.”

There are multiple ways you can serve our nation. But by aspiring to be in Civil services you not only serve the nation but also serve for the better future of the nation. If you are one such inspired aspirant and would like to serve the nation with all the vigour and love for your mother country, distance barriers, inadequacy of resources or pandemics cannot stop you from reaching your goal.

Check all details about Online Course for UPSC. All the Best..!!

Online course for UPSC is the answer to all the barriers between dreams and aspirations. Follow along to know more about resources, platforms, and classes that offer a good online course for UPSC –

Drishti IAS

Drishti IAS

Drishti IAS is an online portal and coaching service provider which aims to help civil service aspirants prepare better for the exams. Drishti IAS has published multiple books and study material for the civil aspirants in the form of books, quizzes, daily updates, video tutorials, Prelims, and more.

If you are based in Delhi you can directly attend their classes physically, and if you are based somewhere else but would like to enroll for their coaching you can apply for their online course for UPSC or other civil service exams through their distance learning program facility.

Team Drishti believes that one can understand and better recall the material learnt through audio-visual learning. Thus, you will find an innovative teaching pattern that definitely helps ace the exams with Drishti IAS. Find out how Drishti IAS can help you more here.

UPSC Syllabus

UPSC Syllabus

UPSC examination is Conducted by Union Service Public Commission of India for the recruitment to the Civil Services of Government of India including the Indian Administrative Service (IAS), Indian Foreign Service (IFS), and Indian Police Service (IPS).

The Exam is conducted in three phases –– Preliminary exam consisting of two objective papers popularly known as Civil Service Aptitude Test or CSAT, the main exam consisting of nine essay type papers among which two are qualifying and only marks are counted for the rest seven papers, and lastly the personality test i.e. the interview.

For updated and revised syllabus for the UPSC exam click here.

Vision IAS Login

Vision IAS login

Vision IAS is one of the renowned UPSC coaching institutes in India. They have centres in Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Delhi, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Lucknow, and Pune. Aspirants can take tuitions via an online course for UPSC under Distance learning Program or by attending classroom sessions.

To create Vision IAS Login a candidate must get himself/herself registered for a course first. After the Payment has been done the candidate can create his/her login credentials. After registration candidate can log in by clicking the ‘login’ button on the website and entering his/her registered email id and password.

Online Classes For UPSC

UPSC aspirants are quite dependent on UPSC coaching as the knowledge they need to grasp is very vast, and it is very necessary to understand all the concepts properly. Most of the students prefer being taught into a classroom, but some aspirants don’t have any good coaching institutes near their locality so the have to rely on an online course for UPSC. Also since the pandemic has hit the world every aspirant is looking for online classes for UPSC.

Since so many classes are now offering online classes, aspirants are confused about where to get enrolled. For such confused aspirants, we have narrowed the list down to a few best choices–

1. Chanakya IAS Academy

2. Drishti IAS

3. Vision IAS

4. Shiksha IAS Academy

5. Gradeup – UPSC online coaching

6. Rau’s IAS study circle

Vajiram And Ravi Online Classes

Vajiram and Ravi online classes

Vajiram and Ravi Classes for Civil services examinations has been empowering aspirants with knowledge and helping them clear the exams with flying colours since 1976. It was founded by professor P. Velayutham, who had numerous national and international academic distinctions which include a diploma in International Law, awarded by the international court of justice, the Hague.

Vajiram And Ravi online classes will provide a course on Current affairs through their app as well as student’s portal. Academic lectures based on UPSC academic calendar i.e. from June 2020 to May 2021 will be provided online for the online course on UPSC, and other CSEs by Vajiram and Ravi’s excellent faculty.

Find more information about registration and Vajiram Ravi online classes here.

Best Online Course For UPSC

Cracking the UPSC exam is not easy. It has so much of knowledge to grasp, retain in the memory, and apply at the right places. This is because later you are going to handle a huge responsibility on your able shoulders.

Now, as we know UPSC exam is conducted in three stages. So naturally, a best online course for UPSC will be the one which provides you with the right knowledge, makes every concept crystal clear for you, and gets you ready to do your best and be successful at every stage of the exam.

Following are the best platforms providing the best online course for UPSC–

1. Unacademy

2. Vision IAS

3. IASbaba

4. UPSC pathshala

5. Byju’s the learning app

6. Neostencil

Online Free Classes For UPSC

Every aspirant would want online free classes for UPSE. And well getting free classes can be said reasonable, because then it would be easier for an aspirant to know wether he/she likes the online course for UPSE provided by that class or not; whether the aspirant can follow along the tutor; whether the material provided by the class is helpful or not, and so on.

It is important to know whether we are investing in the right place or not right? Understanding this aspect a few platforms do offer some demo classes free. Following is the list of some of the best classes which offer online free classes for UPSC exams–

1. Byju’s learning app

2. Neostencil

3. studyIQ

4. IAS Exam Portal

5. Civil Service India

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