Online Course Web Development

Online Course Web Development
Web development is a task for building a website for the internet or a private network. A single website can change the fate of a business; the well developed and optimized a website is the more the business has the chances of growth.

At the beginning of ‘the internet days’, websites were built and managed because of the complexity of programming, but today, ‘Web Development’ is an industry of its own! The career in web development does not need a specific degree as a web developer, you can be a self-taught web developer on your own.

There are many quality online course web development available to cater to your education. If you are wondering what all courses can help you be a web developer from scratch, or what courses can help you polish your skills you are in the right place!

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Online Course Web Development

Before we begin let’s understand the difference between ‘Web Development’ and ‘Web Design’. Although both the terms look very similar, there is a massive difference between the two. ‘Web Development’ is the skeleton of a website, whereas, ‘Web Design’ is the skin.

Although you don’t need any degree to learn web development, you do need some prior knowledge of coding languages like Java, Python, SQL, PHP, C, C++, javascript, HTML/CSS, etc., as it involves a substantial amount of coding. If you have these bits of pre-requisites fulfilled online course web development can help you climb the peak in this career and from the comforts of your home or wherever and whenever.

Here are some websites offering the best online course web development–

1. Coursera

2. LinkedIn Learning

3. Udemy

4. Code College

Online Course Web Development Free

Online Course Web Development Free

Since online learning is very much in demand these days, there are tons of choices online. Web Development is one of the booming careers in the industry and hence thousands of online course web development free options.

But which one to choose? Even though the course is offered free you have limited time to learn the skill and upgrade yourself. But don’t worry we are here to help you choose a perfect free course that suits your needs.

Here is a list of some top websites offering free online course web development–

1. FreeCodeCamp

2. Coursera

3. Codeacademy

4. W3Schools

5. HTMLDog

6. Alison

7. edX

Free Online Web Development Course With Certificate

Free Online Web Development Course With Certificate

All the web development learners want to learn it free, but what if you get a certificate along with the free course that you can showcase! If you earn a certificate there are better chances of you being hired and for a better paying job.

Based on what kind of web developer that you want to be: Front end developer, back end developer, or a full-stack developer; you can choose the free online web development course with certificate that suits your needs. You may find a paid course giving a free certificate you can apply for micro-scholarships and get the sponsors paying for you.

  • Here are some websites that offer free online course web development with certificate–

1. Alison

2. BitDegree

3. FreeCodeCamp

4. Udemy

5. Gymnasium

Coursera Web Development

Coursera Web Development

Coursera is one of the leading online education platforms which offers thousands of best online courses curated by leading universities and institutes. If you enroll yourself for a course, be consistent and persuasive with the course work, and apply for the certificate; your CV will stand out.

In every Coursera course, you get the complete course 100% online, you can learn on a flexible schedule, you can learn even on your mobile, you get to solve quizzes, and all the videos and readings are from the world-renowned universities and industry levels. You can be completely sure to get well trained by Coursera web development courses.

Here is a list of some great online course web development by Coursera for all levels–

  1. Web Development courses for people with busy schedules

2.  HTML, CSS, and Javascript for web developers

3.  Building web applications in PHP

4.  Introduction to web development

5.  How to create a website in a weekend! (project-centered course)

6.  Python for everybody

7.  Swift 5 iOS Application Developer (Coursera Coding Specialization)

Web Development Course Syllabus

Web development is like the chassis of a car. It’s the complete skeleton over which a website can be designed further. There are many specific domains under web development like front end developer, back end developer, Full stack web developer, LAMP stack web developer, MEAN stack web developer, etc.

There is no particular web development course syllabus, but if you are a beginner and have no coding experience; you would want to start with learning the languages like Python, SQL, Javascript, HTML/CSS, PHP, C#, JQuery, JAVA, Ruby, NodeJs, concerning whichever domain of development you choose.

Next, you would want to learn frameworks. Frameworks is nothing but a platform for developing web applications. It may include built-in classes and functions which can be used to process input, interact with system software, and manage hardware devices.

There are both front end as well as back end frameworks. For front end you can learn React Js, Angular Js, Backbone Js, etc; and for backend Laravel, CakePHP, Zend, Code Igniter, etc can be learned based on PHP; Django, Flask, Pyramid, etc, based on Python, and Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, Nancy, Cuba, etc, can be learned based on Ruby.

Codecademy Web Development

Codecademy Web Development

Codacademy was launched in 2011 as an innovative way of learning to code. It is one of the best online platforms which helps you get into momentum and learn to code effectively. One thing great about Codecademy is that it helps you to work on the projects on your own. That gives you a great hands-on experience and helps you develop a coding mindset.

Front end, Back end whatever the choice, Codecademy has got amazing courses for each one. Here is a list of interesting courses on Codecademy–

1. Become a web developer

2. Web development

3. Build a website with HTML, CSS, and Github pages

4. How to deploy a website

5. Learn automation with Ruby on rails

6. Learn A-Frame (VR)

Khan Academy Web Development

Khan Academy Web Development

Khan Academy was founded in 2008 and is a non-profit educational organization that provides free videos and tutorials. Khan academy’s mission is to provide a world-class education to anybody anywhere. Khan Academy lives true to its mission and hence you can be sure that you will understand the concepts of web development very well. The videos are quite basics hence good for beginners or whoever wants to revise their basic concepts well.

Here is a list of Khan academy web development courses–

1. Intro to HTML/CSS: Making webpages

2. HTML/JS: Making webpages interactive

3. Welcome to SQL (video) | SQL basics

4. Intro to SQL: Querying and managing data

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