Online Course

Online Course

Keeping our knowledge up to date is the need of the hour. In this world full of competitions and pressure to perform, an individual needs to update his knowledge and skills as per the industry requirement. It will help the person survive in their professional lives and create a positive impact on whatever work he is into. Online courses are one of the best options to learn and reskill when there are technological advancements each second in every part of the world. Schools and colleges hardly meet the expectations of what the industry requires. Online courses try to bridge this gap by providing the latest content related to various fields. Many people have self-taught themselves through these online courses and are at the peak of their careers now. The best part of online courses is that you don't have to make any changes in your daily routine, you just have to invest few hours of a day and do these courses with consistency and perseverance.

Online Course Free

The main aim of online courses is to provide the data for maximum people as it will benefit society as a whole. This training and development is necessary for career progression. Most of the online courses are free. Faculties of many renowned institutes like IIT, IISC, MIT, and other universities have recorded their lectures that are made available to people. There are ample online courses available that provide certificates after the exam. These certificates gain you brownie points in your resume and your interviews.

Advantages Of Online courses-

The pool of options to choose from

  • Improvement of skills
  • Convenient and flexible
  • Advancement in career
  • Credit transfer

Following websites offer free courses –

  1. Udemy
  2. Coursera
  3. edX
  4. Alison
  5. Udacity
  6. Learndigital

What more can you ask when you get so much on just one click? All you need to do is take a step forward

Online Course in India

As per The Times of India, Online certificates and degrees shall set a quality bench mark in the Indian education system. People are slowly becoming aware of how these courses will add versatility in their skill and upgrade their careers. Mind set of people should change towards online learning to gain academic validity. Government is also encouraging online learning by asking universities and institute to full fledges degree programs online. This clears our doubt - do these online courses hold any value. The answer is clearly and without any doubt yes. Vice Chairman of UGC says “The industries are no longer interested in vanilla degrees, they want professional people who have relevant skills and knowledge.”

Best courses to look for in 2020.

  1. Data analytics
  2. Ethical hacking and cyber security
  3. Big Data
  4. Digital Marketing
  5. photography

Online Course Udemy

Udemy is an online learning and teaching marketplace which offers personalized learning recommendations. Online course udmey have top instructors around the world and trust of finest companies such as, Mercedes-Benz, ADIDAS, Eventbrite, etc. There are over 1 lac Udemy courses available and more than 20 million students who have used udemy.

Top Categories on Udemy include –

  1. Design
  2. Development
  3. Marketing
  4. It and software
  5. Personal Development
  6. Business
  7. Photography
  8. Music

You can see which top 3 courses are being viewed by the students when you go to their website. If you wish to see the "Most Popular" category you can click on the options available on the left-hand side. They have attractive sales to encourage learners to take courses.
Udemy is a place where you get to learn at your own pace, learn from industry experts, and find video courses on any topic for your career and personal growth.


Online course Coursera

Coursera has collaborated with more than 200 leading universities and companies such as Illinois, Duke University, Google, IBM, Imperial College London to name a few. It provides you with options to learn the latest skills such as python, business analytics, graphic design, and more. Online course Coursera gets you ready for a career in fields that are high in demand like IT, AI, and cloud engineering. You can also earn a degree or even a certificate from a reputed university. There are so many Online Courses from Coursera available for all.

  • 60+ million students are using Coursera
  • 5000+ specifications and courses
  • 13+ professional certificates
  • 20+ Degrees and Master track certificates.

Top 5 courses on Coursera –
-Google IT Support
-IBM Data Science
-Introduction to Data Science
-Python for Everybody
-Deep Learning

In the description of every course, you will find ratings given by people, the number of students who have done the course, university that is conducting the course, and level of learning.


Online course Udacity

They offer one to one personal help to ensure you build a good career. They have a bot known as "Carla", where the student advisors help you with anything you need and you get responses within seconds. Online course Udacity has project-based active learning and the curriculum is designed by industry partners so you learn the skills that top companies require. You can also explore their resources available on their website such as daily news, tip for the day, guidance for your professional life, things that can be done by working from home which is quite interesting.

Top 5 categories on Udacity –

  1. Data Science
  2. Artificial Intelligence
  3. Autonomous Systems
  4. Cloud Computing
  5. Business

You can also become a Udacity Mentor and build subject matter expertise, learn to motivate others, provide guidance to aspiring learners, gain leadership. The process of becoming a mentor is given systematically on their website.


Online Course Skillshare

Online course Skillshare helps you to boost your creative side. Unlock a passion, a side hustle, or a new professional skill without thinking twice. They offer classes in illustration, photography, designing, etc. To start with skillshare gives you unlimited access for two months and after that, you can enjoy paid Skillshare premium. You have to sign up for that by creating an account with Skillshare or by continuing with Facebook or Google. You get to learn what styles and strategies today's creators need to know about upcoming trends in the future. Learn from creators such as Aaron Draplin, Simon Sinek, Jessica Hische, and many others who are eager to share their experience with you. Get all info about Skillshare Online Courses.

Skillshare online classes include –

. Graphic Design
. Web animation
. Fine art
. Creative writing
. Film and video
. Animation


Online course Upgrad

Upgrad is the country's largest online higher education company. The best part about them is that they offer placement support. There are blogs on current affairs related to what is happening in that particular field. There are two categories – zero cost courses and new launches. Once you click on them, it directs you to a page showing courses for you, it will have the duration and you can register by filling your details. Online course Upgrade has an app that most people find comfortable.

  • 20,000+ active learners
  • Rs 72 LPA highest salary offered
  • 400% highest salary hike
  • 300+ hiring partners

In programs, you can explore fields such as –

  • MBA
  • Data science
  • Digital Marketing
  • Management
  • Machine Learning
  • Blockchain
  • Insurance
  • Law


Education is a passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.

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