Online Courses Civil Engineering

Online Courses Civil Engineering
“One man’s “magic” is another man’s engineering. “Supernatural” is a null word.” –Robert A. Heinlein

Civil engineers are the guys who are into designing, constructing, and maintaining the physically and naturally built environment; even the public works like designing and constructing roads, bridges, airports, canals, drainages, etc.

Civil engineers are responsible to beautify the region and make it more aesthetic and efficient for living by rigorously planning, designing, and constructing public and private facilities. Hence a career in Civil Engineering is so glorious and important for society.

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In these times of the pandemic when none of us can get out of our homes, education is coming to our homes and dreams are still growing their wings to fly. If you are a civil engineering career aspirant or already one and want to sharpen and grow your skills, online courses civil engineering would benefit you.

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Free Online Courses Civil Engineering

Free online Courses Civil Engineering

Taking up free online courses civil engineering along with the regular degree course work at college sounds like a smart option. Why? Because you can explore deeper into the knowledge that you need to be a success in any area of civil engineering, can help you build better projects and improve your grade, you stay ahead of your classmates as you have already taken one step further towards your goals.

Here are some platforms which offer online courses civil engineering free –

1. edX

2. Coursera

3. Lynda

4. Alison

5. Courses

6. Free video lectures

7. Open culture

8. MIT open courseware

Certification Courses For Civil Engineers

Sample Certificate for Civil Engineering Course

A certificate for any course is a valid proof which tells that you have a good knowledge and skills of that course. Hence, certification courses are really important for any career.

Civil Engineering is a branch that requires pin-point perfection. Whether it is designing, planning, or executing the work. A little mistake and the whole structure can collapse!

Here are few of the certifications required for Civil engineers–

1. Construction project management

2. Computer aided drafting and designing

3. Material management and inventory control

4. Real estate and urban infrastructure

List of Online platforms which offer a certificate along with helping you sharpen your skills–

· edX

· Coursera

· Udemy

· Illinois Civil and environmental engineering

Civil Engineering Software Courses

Civil Engineering Software

Civil engineering software consists of a range of tools that can help a civil engineer to design and construct the whole project. The software help in every stage of curating a project which include drafting, documenting, designing, visualizing, and analyzing.

AutoCAD, Primavera, MS Project, STAAD pro, ETABS, SAP, etc are some of the most required software in civil engineering. If you are fluent with these software it improves your employability. Therefore, civil engineering software courses play an important role in the learning journey.

Here are a few platforms that offer online courses in civil engineering software–

1. Multisoft systems

2. Pluralsight

3. Coursera

Civil Engineering Courses List

Civil engineering is a branch that deals with the design and construction of buildings, bridges, sewages, canals, tunnels, roads, airports, etc. To persue a career as a civil engineer one must apply for a four year Bachelor Degree course in Civil Engineering.

During this course, the student may take as many electives as his/her college permits. The courses for a typical B.E. Civil Engineering course remain more or less remain the same. Here is a list of courses generally every bachelor's degree course would have–

· Engineering chemistry

· Physics

· Mathematics

· Mechanics

· Basic electrical engineering

· Geometrical drawing

· Machine drawing

· Business communication and technical report writing

· Surveying and building construction

· Building materials and building construction

· Structure analysis

· Soil mechanics and geo-technical engineering

· Transportation planning

· Design and detailing of steel structures

· Engineering geology

· Civil engineering lab

· Fluid mechanics

· Electrical and electronics lab

NPTEL Online Courses Civil Engineering

NPTEL Online Courses Civil Engineering

NPTEL is a massive open online learning platform which provides numerous courses in different branches of engineering, sciences, Law, Architecture, Arts, etc. These courses are curated and taught by the able faculties from seven of the IITs and IISc.

Aspiring learners can take these courses and acquire a certificate from respective IITs on successful completion of the course.

NPTEL has over 186 courses on civil engineering. Get more information about the NPTEL online courses civil engineering here.

Additional Courses For Civil Engineers

To look at it there is no end for learning. During College an aspiring engineer would learn several compulsory and elective courses that the college has to offer. But getting additional knowledge can help you be more employable.

Following is a list of a few additional courses for civil engineers –

1. Specialized courses in Structures, Geotech, Hydraulics, Transportation etc.

2. Infrastructure Finance, Project Finance, Construction Planning and Management

3. Quality Control and Quality Assurance

4. Learning software packages

To learn more skills following platforms will help out–

· Udemy

· Coursera

· edX


· MIT openCourseware

Important Courses For Civil Engineering Students

All the courses that one has during his/her bachelor's degree are important. But the importance of the course changes as per one’s interest in any area of Civil Engineering. Thus, one must focus on a few typical courses orienting towards the area of one’s career interest.

Here is a list of courses to choose from as per the stream you are interested to work in–

· Surveying in Civil Engineering

· Strength of material or solid mechanics

· Building material and construction technology

· Geology

· Structural analysis

· Building, Planning and Drawing

· Designing and drawing of RCC structures

· Geotechnical and foundational engineering

· Hydrology and Irrigation

· Transport engineering

· Design and drawing of steel structure

· Estimation and Evaluation

· Air pollution and Control

· Highway geometric design

· Environmental impact assessment

· Computer-aided drawing

· Fluid mechanics

· Ground improvement techniques

"The road to success is always under construction."

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