Online Courses Journalism

Online Courses Journalism
Journalism is unbiased production and distribution of reports about the events that are currently happening or have happened in the past. It is about finding the truth and presenting it in front of the audience as it is.

Journalism is a very exciting and challenging field. With so much competition, finding presentable, new, and crisp facts that the audience will take interest in is quite arduous. But is more exciting because journalist of any sort gets the honour of being the voice of the people.

If you have that fire and passion for presenting the truth within you, then Journalism is for you. Online courses Journalism can be your guide towards a successful career in Journalism.

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Online Courses Journalism

It takes extreme tenacity, determination, and passion to be a journalist.

There are multiple roles a person passionate about journalism can play as there are different types of journalism – investigative, news, reviews, feature writer, Leader writer, Correspondent or Special reporter, Crime reporter, sports journalist, Science journalist, and the list goes on.

If you want to pursue journalism, you would need a degree in print journalism or if you want to be into communication you need a degree in broadcast journalism. But to be great at any of the careers only having a college degree is insufficient. Online courses journalism keep you abreast of the current trends and techniques and help you excel at your job.

Online Free Journalism Course

Journalism is a very dynamic field. Many colleges and institutions take a lot of fees to train you to be a good journalist. But what if you are just starting and you don’t have much knowledge where you are going? Or what if you just want to have an idea about the field so you can decide which path of this career suits you?

Online free journalism course gives you the freedom of choice without the burden of the fees. Thus, proving to be a great option for a beginner. Following is a list of platforms offering great online courses journalism for free to get started –

1. Coursera

2. edX

3. Alison

4. Open Culture

5. Udemy

Free Online Media Courses With Certificate

Free online media course with certificate

A certificate is your verification stamp telling employers that you are credible. Free online media courses with certificate are the best options to stay updated with the required knowledge and techniques, without having a burning a hole in your pocket.

We have listed down a few of our great go-to choices which offer free online courses journalism and media courses with certificate –

1. Alison

2. Future learn

3. edX


Best Online Journalism Courses

With a whole big pool of journalism courses on the internet, we obviously want to learn the best ones. Of all the questions about journalism, almost every keen learner wants to know the best online journalism courses.

To solve this query we have listed down a few best platforms which can help you find online courses journalism which are the best for you –

1. Masterclass

2. edX

3. Coursera

4. Alison

5. Udemy

Online Journalism Courses Harvard

Online Journalism Courses Harvard

Harvard is one of the most prestigious, well-known, and the oldest institution in America and many ambitious learners dream about getting a degree from Harvard. Now you can fulfil your dream by taking online journalism courses Harvard.

The pursuer must have a bachelor’s degree before applying to this course. Also, the offering institution being Harvard you have to make your way to the course by simply registering and taking the pre-admission test–– called the proseminar. You get two attempts to attain at least a B grade, which is the minimum requirement to get selected.

Find out more details about online courses journalism at Harvard extension school here

Online Journalism Courses Canada

Online Journalism Courses Canada

Canada hosts a few of the great colleges which offer amazing journalism courses at quite affordable fees. If you are in Canada and thinking about taking online courses journalism to get into the journalism industry or if you want to work in Canada and want to learn what kind of news do Canadian audience would want to see or read, online journalism courses Canada can help you achieve your goals.

Here are some resources to find great online courses journalism in Canada for distance learners, or for the ones who just prefer learning online –

1. Ontario College


Online Journalism Courses South Africa

South Africa is known for its best education. If you apply to study in South Africa you’d definitely find yourself surrounded by geniuses and bookworms. Hence choosing online journalism courses South Africa would be a wise decision. Plus South African Universities charge the lowest tuition fees, even to international students.

Here are some great online courses journalism South Africa –

1. University of Cape Town

2. Storylab academy

Online Journalism Courses Australia

Australia is one of the countries which has great universities that provide world-class education and are listed in the list of top universities. Many universities in Australia offer great journalism programs.

Journalism is all about presenting facts with evidence in the form of stories that people would want to watch or read. You don’t exactly need a degree to be a journalist but you definitely need a degree to understand every little detail that makes news–– a story that people will take interest in but only for a short time.

Learn all the vital journaling techniques from online journalism courses Australia. Here is a list of platforms that provide online courses journalism Australia –

1. Open universities Australia

2. Morris Journalism Academy


Accredited Online Journalism Courses

Accredited online journalism courses sound like handy education or education on the go! After you finish the course you get the valid certificate from the university that accredits the course and you also get to take the course from wherever and whenever but in the stipulated amount of time.

If you are one such person who wants to take up journalism but does not have any time to enrol yourself into any college, accredited online courses journalism to any of your preferred institutions would allow you to live your dreams.

Here is a list of platforms which offer great courses that are accredited by the well-known colleges around the world –

1. Coursera

2.  edX

3. Accredited online schools

4. The London school of journalism

5. Ashford University

6. Open Culture

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