Online Courses Mechanical Engineering

Online Courses Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering is the most diverse branch of engineering which combines engineering physics and mathematics along with material science to design, manufacture, analyze and maintain mechanical systems.

Mechanical engineers build everything from small batteries to sports and medical instruments to even rockets and space crafts. Every machine in our lives that we depend on may it be a simple one or a complex one, has a mechanical engineer’s mastermind behind it. Thus a career in any branch of mechanical engineering is a bright and promising one. Online courses mechanical engineering can help shape the future along with the traditional courses any college offers.

Online Course Civil Engineering - Advancing your Knowledge

Online Courses Mechanical Engineering

As technology and times are advancing education and learning is also taking an online route and reaching every mind easily.

There are just no bounds to what and how much one can learn from the online courses. Since any branch of engineering and specifically mechanical engineering keeps getting advanced every day, it is necessary for any aspiring, novice or experienced mechanical engineer to keep up with the new trends and tech.

Online course mechanical engineering can help the knowledge aspirants to learn new tech, keep up with new advances and stay up to date.

Mechanical Engineering Syllabus

Mechanical Engineering Syllabus

Reading up about what the course syllabus will be is a good idea! It helps every aspirant to know beforehand, what they will be learning and make up their minds for it.

Following is a general syllabus for a typical B.E Course. It may vary more or less with every college, also the elective courses offered by every college or institute may change ––

First Semester

· Engineering Mathematics-I

· Engineering Physics / Engineering Chemistry

· Systems in Mechanical Engineering

· Basic Electrical Engineering / Basic Electronics Engineering

· Programming and Problem Solving / Engineering Mechanics

· Workshop

Second Semester

· Engineering Mathematics-II

· Engineering Physics/ Engineering Chemistry

· Basic Electrical Engineering / Basic Electronics Engineering

· Programming and Problem Solving / Engineering Mechanics

· Engineering Drawing (Engineering Graphics )

· Project-Based Learning

Third Semester

· Solid Mechanics

· Solid Modelling and Drafting

· Engineering Thermodynamics

· Engineering Materials and Metallurgy

· Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Fourth Semester

· Engineering Mathematics – III

· Kinematics of Machinery (Theory of Machines)- I

· Applied Thermodynamics

· Fluid Mechanics

· Manufacturing Processes

Fifth Semester

· Design of Machine Elements-I

· Heat Transfer

· Theory of Machines-II

· Turbo Machines

· Metrology and Quality Control

· Skill Development

Sixth Semester

· Numerical Methods and Optimization

· Design of Machine Elements-II

· Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

· Mechatronics%

· Manufacturing – Process-II

Seventh Semester

· CAD/ CAM Automation

· Dynamics of Machinery

· Elective – I

· Elective – II

· Project – I

Eighth Semester

· Power Plant Engineering

· Mechanical System Design

· Elective -III

· Elective – IV

· Project – II

Elective Subjects List

Elective – I subjects

· Energy Audit Management

· Tribology

· Reliability Engineering

· Machine Tool Design

Elective – II Subjects

· Gas Turbine Propulsion

· Product Design and Development

· Operation Research

· Advanced Manufacturing Processes

Elective – III Subjects

· Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Equipment Design

· Robotics

· Industrial Engineering

Elective – IV Subjects

· Computational Fluid Dynamics

· Finite Element Analysis

· Design of Pumps, Blowers and Compressors

Free Online Courses Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is the most exciting career to go for. You get to know and learn how every mechanism and machinery work. But keeping up with new tech and knowledge is as much important as obtaining a degree in mechanical engineering, and learning extra courses is usually an expensive affair.

But what if we could bag in some extra skills for free! Yes, we can. Many institutes and universities have taken an intiative to provide this knowledge to every curious mind as possible and have curated many helpful free courses that can help students and professionals.

Here is a list of free online courses mechanical engineering–

1. Mechanical engineering courses – Coursera

2. edX

3. MIT open courseware

4. Alison mechanical engineering courses

5. Courses

Mechanical Engineering Courses List

Mechanical Engineering Course List

Mechanical engineering encompasses many different courses for one to choose from. An aspirant can choose the respective course as per his/her interest and get aboard with the career.

Apart from the courses that one has to take compulsory in college, here is a list of mechanical engineering courses list to choose from and upskill oneself –

1. Robotics: Aerial Robotics – Coursera

2. CAD and Digital Manufacturing Specialization – Coursera

3. Intelligent Machining – Coursera

4. Mechanical engineering courses – MIT open ware courses

5. Study portals– Short courses

Job Oriented Courses For Mechanical Engineers

Having a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering isn’t sufficient to find a job. Recruiters look for how much skill one has and how much experience has one gathered during his college days for upskilling himself/ herself.

A student is exposed to a variety of options to choose as a career in the college days. Holding that line of interest one can choose how to go ahead with further education and how to gather required skills. Online courses mechanical engineering provides a wider platform to oneself job-ready.

Here is a list of Job Oriented Courses for Mechanical Engineers to take up after finishing the Bachelor’s degree program –

1. M.Tech in Mechanical Engineering

2. Piping Design and Engineering Course

3. Master of Engineering in Tool Design

4. Robotics Course

5. Mechatronics Course

6. Nanotechnology

7. Masters in Business Administration

8. Retail management

9. Operations management

10. Supply chain management

11. Marine Engineering

12. Oil rig drilling

Online Mechanical Engineering Certificate Courses

Online Mechanical Engineering Certificate Sample

There are tons of online courses mechanical engineering to choose from, which is the reason for the confusion of choice. When it comes to choices we all have many questions like how would the course help me land a better job? Is it a legitimate course to consider? Can it help me with my grades? And so forth.

But we all know that having the right certifications will help us land a better job. Here is a list of platforms which offer amazing online mechanical engineering certificate courses to choose and rely on. These courses have been curated by the profound universities and institutes around the world and taught by able faculties from the same. Thus, you can trust any course you choose with your investment in it.

1. Coursera

2. edX

3. Alison

Top Courses For Mechanical Engineers

When mechanical engineering offers so many exciting sub-branches to work in, the confusion of choice is pretty obvious. But here is the list of currently in-demand and top courses for mechanical engineers –

· Aeronautical engineering

· Robotics

· Mechatronics engineering

· Thermal engineering

· Automotive engineering

To help you upskill yourself in your favorite branch of mechanical engineering we have a list of top online courses mechanical engineering you can take –

1. Academic Earth

2. Autodesk CAD/CAM/CAE for Mechanical Engineering Specialization – Coursera

3. Spacecraft Dynamics and Control Specialization – Coursera

4. Introduction to Engineering Mechanics – Coursera

5. Principles of Manufacturing – MIT–– edX

6. Mechanical Behavior of Materials, Part 2: Stress Transformations, Beams, Columns, and Cellular Solids – edX

Online Mechanical Engineering Aptitude Test

Recruiters, top colleges, and research institutes always aim at taking up well qualified and bright candidates. And how do they know which ones to pick? ––Aptitude test!

Aptitude tests are used to assess a candidate’s knowledge, skills, abilities and personality. Aptitude tests are a proven way to predict a candidate’s potential and know if and how can he be a contributor to an organization’s success.

Here is a list of websites and a test to help candidates prepare for online mechanical engineering aptitude test –


2. imocha

3. Job test prep


NPTEL Online Courses Mechanical Engineering

NPTEL online courses mechanical engineering

Obtaining a degree from an IIT is a dream of every engineering aspirant, but since the entrance exams to get into IITs are so tough it remains a dream for millions and only a few get to live it. Taking this fact into consideration and also the fact that a lot of brilliant minds cannot pursue an education in IIT due to financial or other challenges, NPTEL platform was established to narrow this gap into quality education.

NPTEL portal is a venture of seven prestigious IITs and IISc to provide free and quality education in engineering, sciences, Law, Architecture and arts, etc.

Thus, aspirants can learn from IIT faculties without having to go through the pain of tough entrance exams. Get more information on NPTEL online courses Mechanical Engineering here.

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