Swayam NPTEL

Swayam NPTEL


Always wanted to learn something from basic? Or upgrade your knowledge and learn from the people who are masters in that particular subject? You can start learning right now. You do not even have to go anywhere or wait for the time to come. Swayam NPTEL is the place where you can start acquiring knowledge from teaching faculties of various IITs. Every person deserves a good education and even underprivileged should have access to it. Here is everything that you need to know about “Swayam”.

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Swayam NPTEL

The Government of India had initiated the program called SWAYAM (Study Webs of Active Learning for Young Aspiring Minds) to achieve the three cardinal principles of Education policy viz, access, equality, and quality. It serves the objective to provide the best online learning resources to everyone, including the most disadvantaged. It aims to provide digital knowledge to people who have not been able to join the mainstream educational institutions. All the courses are interactive, prepared by the best teachers in the country, and are available, free of cost to any learner. NPTEL (National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning) is one of its nine national coordinators to ensure the best quality content.

SWAYAM NPTEL courses are divides into 4 quadrants

  1. Video lecture.
  2. Specially prepared reading material that can be downloaded/printed.
  3. Self-assessment through tests and quizzes.
  4. Online discussion forum for clearing the doubts.
Swayam NPTEL
Swayam NPTEL

NPTEL Swayam Online Courses

Courses available are free of cost to the learners, however, learners wanting SWAYAM NPTEL certificate should register for final proctored exams that come at a fee and attend in-person exams at designated centers and dates. Eligibility is announced on the course page and learners will get certificates only if the criteria are matched. The faculty who are currently offering courses are from the IITs or other reputed institutes such as CMI, IMSc, etc. There are various Swayam NPTEL online courses related to engineering and pure sciences.

NPTEL Swayam Courses Details

You will see the name of the course in "upcoming (Enrolment open)". You will find the name of the professor and the name of IIT below the course name. Apart from this the description also includes duration, Exam date, and last date of enrolment. Once you click on the course name, a tab showing the detailed information about the program will appear which include - learners involved, course layout, course category (Mathematics/Physics/Teacher education) course level (Graduate/Post Graduate)  prerequisites, industries that support that particular course and compatibility of course i.e. which all students can take the course. You can choose the course of your choice and start expanding your horizons as you like.                     Check Here - NPTEL Swayam Online Courses            

NPTEL Swayam Online Courses
NPTEL Swayam Online Courses

NPTEL Swayam Login

NPTEL Swayam Login
NPTEL Swayam Login

You can login to NPTEL SWAYAM with your Microsoft, Google, or Facebook accounts OR You can simply sign up by creating an account directly on the website by following the below steps –

· Click on "sign up now"

· Choose and add username and password of your choice and then subsequently fill the boxes of username, new password, confirm new password and email address. Click on "Send verification code"

· A numeric code will be sent to you via mail address that you have provided, enter that code on the box that says "Verification code"

· Your account will be created at Swayam nptel online course login

· Now you can log into NPTEL Swayam LOGIN with the username and password anytime you want.

More on Nptel Login and other detail

NPTEL Swayam App

NPTEL Swayam App
NPTEL Swayam App

To make learning more systematic, an app called "Swayam" has been designed for students to consume the content anywhere and at any time. It is available for android users and can be downloaded through play store. It is a very user-friendly app. You can sign into the app using your account or you can continue as a guest. There are 1200+ courses available.

NPTEL Swayam app domain contains courses such as computational Thermo Fluids, Flight Mechanics, Data Science, Marketing, Materials joining, Artificial Intelligence, etc. After you have joined the course along with the basic information you will find course layout scheduled as per weeks, books and references, and criteria to get a certificate. Once you install this app you are all ready to learn from the best faculty and extract limitless knowledge available.

NPTEL Swayam Exam

Once you have enrolled in a course, a link will be published for exam registration. Email alerts will also be sent to the candidates with the link. Students should follow the guidelines posted there. Whether the NPTEL swayam exam will be conducted in online mode or offline mode will be decided by the respective course instructor. Online exam will be computer-based exam as the name suggests offline exam will be pen – paper type. In both cases, students must appear at the allotted exam center.

· The duration will be of three hours.

· Type of questions may include multiple-choice questions, fill in the blanks, short answer type questions, essay type answers, etc.

· Pass percentage is 40%.

· Results and e-certificate will be available within 3-5 weeks after the exam date.

· You can write exams only for a max of 6 courses per semester.

A Pro Tip: By analyzing the assignment questions, you can gauge the kind of questions that will be asked in exams of Swayam NPTEL.

NPTEL Swayam Python

NPTEL Swayam python includes subject name as follows –

1.  Data Analytics with Python  (Computer science and engineering)

2. Business analytics and text mining using Python  (Management)

3. Python for Data Science (Computer science and engineering)

4. The joy of computing using Python (Computer science and engineering)

5. Computational Science and Engineering using Python (Physics)

6. Programming, data structures and algorithms using Python (Computer science and engineering)

NPTEL Swayam Machine Learning

NPTEL Swayam Machine Learning Subjects include -

1.    Essential mathematics for Machine Learning (Mathematics), Bandit Algorithm (Computer science and engineering)

2.    ACM Summer School on Algorithmic and Theoretical aspects of Machine Learning (Special Series)

3. Practical Machine learning with Tensor flow (Computer science and engineering)

4. Machine Learning for engineering and science application (Computer science and engineering)

5. Machine Learning (Computer science and engineering)

6. Applied optimization for tireless, ML (Electrical engineering)

7. Introduction to Machine Learning (Computer science and engineering).

Swayam NPTEL Login

The best part about Swayam NPTEL is that you can learn from the best faculties from different IITs, IISERs, and IISCs and not just any one of them particularly, and for FREE!

So now dreams of getting education from an IIT get fulfilled, and in such a way that you can put a little feather in your hat from all the IITs in the form of multiple courses that you'd learn.

Ready to take up a course at Swayam NPTEL yet? Follow the Schematic to learn the Swayam NPTEL Login process -

Swayam NPTEL login


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