Udemy course free download from torrent | Hacks

Udemy course free download from torrent | Hacks

Looking for a way to download a paid udemy course for free, you landed on the right article. Here I will share 100% working trick to download udemy course for free.


After the COVID 19 situation, there was a great boost in online learning. Udemy being the top player in the online learning industry also seen a huge increase in its user base.

Many people around the world are looking for ways to download the free course from udemy. so after some online research, I come out with a way to do so,  with the help of torrent.

As we all know, the Usage of torrent is not legal, and there are many laws regarding this, and vary from country to country. So If you are using this trick, then the risk is all yours.

Steps 1 :

You need the exact title name of the course, which you want to download.

First of all, open the udemy website, and search for the course which you want to download. Many times courses that are not popular are not found on torrent. So, try to go mostly with a popular, top-rated course or bestseller.

Udemy Course Page

Now you got the name, which you have to search over the torrent. copy the title, which we will use later.

Step 2 :

Now you have to open the torrent website. It seems simple but sometimes due to site blocking in many countries, it gets harder.

There were countless torrent sites, which you can go for. But in this example, I am going to use 1337x.

This torrent is available in multiple URL paths, so even if some websites get blocked, some will be available for you to open.

Just search on google with 1337x, and you will be presented with many websites. Try to reach all until you find one which is not blocked in your country.

The website will look the same as it is shown in the picture given below.

Torrent Home Page

Step 3 :

Now paste the exact course name inside the torrent search, which you copied from the udemy course page.

Sometime if the course is not popular you will not get any data. But most of the time you will get it.

There may be many search result listed on the torrent, try to go with the most number of seeders and leechers as it will enhance your download speed.

Torrent File List

Step 4 :

To download the file from the torrent site, you need to install the torrent downloader of your choice like Utorrent, BitTorrent, etc.

We can download and install this software free of cost from the web.

Installation procedure is the same as other software. Once done you are ready to download files from the torrent.

Step 5 :

Now open any file from the torrent list, then you will be presented with all the information related to that file.

Now cross-check all the information and verify it. You can check the author or publisher, and course content so that you do not download the wrong course.

Once verification is done, you can see a Magnet Download button on the top of the page, go for it. On clicked browser will ask to open the app your torrent downloading software, which you have currently installed will be opened automatically and ask your permission to start the download, same as given in image below :

Torrent download last stage

Udemy Torrent

Now that you know how to get Udemy Course free download from Torrent, check out Udemy and other online platforms providing exciting free online courses on web development, App development, and Game development here!

Find the most in-demand free online courses on Marketing, Design, Programming Languages, Data Science, and Databases here.

Udemy Course Torrent

There are many of us just wanting to learn new stuff just to update our knowledge, without wanting to have a certificate or having to pay for the courses.

Downloading Udemy course torrent is the best idea to just have the course content to update our knowledge in this boring period of lockdown and pandemic. After all instead of having an empty mind dwelling the devil, it's better to use it to be smarter.

Thus to download any Udemy course from torrent you can use the hack above or directly use the torrent links listed on the websites listed above.


Finally, you got what you have been looking for. If you find this article useful or helped you in any way, share it with your friend and help them to get benefitted too.

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